Qigong For Well-being

Qigong For Well-being
Qigong For Well-being
-Qigong exercises for everyday life issues

Date and Time: August 22 to October 31st
Mondays 7:15am-8am

This 10 week series of Qigong classes on Monday mornings from 7:15am to 8am will help you get your week started with some Zheng Qi (upright qi). Each class will be focusing on a different part of the body "homework" by re-organizing our qi "molecules" through a variety of effective Qigong forms.

Please see the theme for each week listed below...

Week1.Qigong for healthy brain

Week 2.Qigong for five sensory organs

Week 3.Qigong for lower back pain

Week 4.Qigong for neck

Week 5.Qigong for shoulders

Week 6.Qigong for hands

Week 7.Qigong for spine

Week 8.Qigong for legs

Week 9.Qigong for feet

Week10. Qigong for well-being


$146 for 10 weeks (Current registered students)

$164 for 10 weeks (New students)

$20 per class

To register, please contact Lorelei Chang via email: dancenlight@gmail.com Minimum of five students to start the class.