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"Echoes Beyond the Forbidden City" 3/25 & 26, 2017

"Echoes Beyond The Forbidden City" was another dazzling and compelling concert by this remarkable modern dance company.  Lorelei captured the mysterious spirit of the Forbidden City in a number of powerful and innovative dance masterpieces.  Patrons who had not had the good fortune of visiting the Forbidden City indicated that this concert not only gave them a sense of awe of this palatial compound but also some of the "dark secrets" that could have taken place within it's massive walls during it's 500 years of existence".
-Dr. Steve Schutzer

I love to see Lorelei’s work and Echoes Beyond the Forbidden City was one of her best works.  Lorelei has the eye of a visual artist as well as that of a significant choreographer and exquisite performer. Her production values are always very high( particularly in the presentation of Chinese and Japanese cultures) and her companies perform with commitment and power.  Bravo!
-Jill Henderson

I’m thinking back on all the lovely moments of Echoes… and marveling at all you have accomplished. From conception, through labor pains to the exciting birth, you delivered a perfect baby! It was a memorable performance enjoyed and appreciated by all. And all your dancers did you proud. They were truly outstanding. Such nice kids and so dedicated - a bright presence in our tumultuous world. You lead with your heart and those you work with have a strong sense your caring as well as your talent; you inspire them to be better people as well as skilled performers. Congratulations on the concert and on all the joy you have brought to those around you. May you always receive a full measure of the love that you give and find fulfillment in all your future endeavors.

What an amazing performance Lorelei! Your creative genius & your performance quality astound me! Your company and Pre-profs were top-notch. Thank you for continuing to be amazing!
-Robin Violette Florence

What a wonderful show and experience!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and yourself with our children!
-Shelley Wells Wurst

Ed and I thoroughly enjoyed today's performance. Always a delight to watch you dance. You are an inspiring artist!
-Patricia Jerome Williams

I Loved the performance and could feel the whole room awash in your creative vision and love. It was truly magical, Lorelei, like we were all sprinkled with fairy dust.
-Connie Goebel

What an amazing performance. We really enjoyed it!! So impressed
-Jill Robbins Cotter

Absolutely an incredibly beautiful and creatively choreographed concert. As professionally done as could be done. An honor to be in the audience.
-Daria Plummer

“Empty Space” March 24 & 25, 2016

1.Good morning, Lorelei and dancEnlight...

I just wanted to personally congratulate all of you on a smashingly successful concert. All of your months of sweat and hard work come together with such remarkable focus and intensity. I was really blown away and I know the audience was as well. In fact, one patron obviously observed the Qi extending between all of you, I sure did...that's what makes this company so unique and special.

To our company members, for many of you it was your choreographic debut. You could not have done better. You all are a "chip of the block" and the impact that Lorelei has had on your own expression is profound.

For DPPC members, you all stepped up in a major way and looked more "professional" this weekend than "pre". You have spectacular careers awaiting you.

So, once again, on behalf of the Board...cudos and congratulations! We look forward to seeing you all soon.
My best, Steve
-dancEnlight BOD President, Steven F. Schutzer, M.D.

2. Lorelei’s concerts are always artistically unique in her ability to devise conceptual, thematic content with beautiful, high quality modern dance. Like "Ink Passion”, "Empty Space" is a visual feast. From the moment that you see the first back projection of ink sinking through water, through to the final moments, the limited color palette of blues, blacks and whites flows though each piece giving the whole program cohesion. Each choreographer’s work sustained the thematic flow and Lorelei’s solo sealed the deal."
–Jill Henderson

3. I was so glad to be there last night—seeing the unfolding of the choreographic inclinations of your company—great to give this opportunity to them and the audience— and so successfully done. 'Subconscious Awakening’ was really stunning—visually captivating and a terrific next step in your creation of projected kinesthetic landscapes -- evocative and suggestive worlds that stay with you when the show is over. Bravo! and thank you Lorelei and all.
Love to you,
-Executive and Artistic Director at Judy Dworin Performance Project, Inc.
Judy Dworin

4. Any space is enhanced by your presence, your artistry and your kind soul. Your enlightened spirit shines through your choreography and embraces your students, your company and all whose lives you touch. I am aware of how much thought, time, organization and energy go into the planning and producing of such a concert - so many details and concerns. And you tend to it all with efficiency and grace. I applaud you as a person as well as a fine artist of the highest caliber.

Congratulations on the success of Empty Space. DEPP and the company were outstanding, as choreographers as well as performers. After all the work, it’s certainly a let down when the final curtain closes. Some of the dancers expressed their sadness at having it be over. Such a nice group of young women, with great attitude, talent and dedication.
–Sheila Jacob

QI flowed from the stage, from the vestibule, from your dancers. Your theme Empty Spaces, coupled with the Dr.’s introduction holding an empty bowl and your dancers creative choreographed interpretations, was perfectly Taoist!
-Qigong practitioner, Lamont Thomas

6. It was OUR pleasure and great joy to be there and witness the creative flow of you and your company. Once again, you are helping me dance through life despite the creaking joints and not so graceful moments. To say that you inspire me is an understatement!
love you!
-Connie Goebel

7. As time goes on we are seeing
How complicated your dance is, and I keep seeing a blank sheet of paper and thinking all this is a created
Effort of beauty and all fresh and it works, it never fails. Amazing.
-Rich Davis

8. Hello Lorelei!
Yes, I have no words for it... The whole event was beyond words - a pleasure and my ten years of hoping the world of dance would connect with my musical concoctions has become a reality :)
give all my best,
your preferred thereminist,
-Jason Smeltzer

Residency program at Duffy Elementary School (October, 2015)

Grade 2 Teacher: The individual class session was awesome! The kids were so engaged for the full hour. It was very interactive and all of the instructors were very kid friendly. They loved the calligraphy game and ribbon dancing!

Grade 3: "I really liked when they did the ribbon stuff really fast!" -- Colin

"I liked, pretty much the whole thing, because it was really interesting and really cool." -- Ryan

"I thought it was really cool when they did the elastics going around, because they made it in shapes." -- Ellie

"I like the technique of the dance because it was just really pretty." -- Greta

"I like the cup dance, because I liked the passing and the rhythm." -- Calvin

"I liked when they had the ribbons attached to them and made like a spider web," – Grace

Grade 5: The program was wonderful! My students were fascinated by their talent and especially the ribbon dancing. Thank you!

Summer Intensive for teens, adults and professional (2015)

1. How would you describe dancEnlight Summer Intensive?
• It teaches you how to be a batter person as well as a better dancer. I’ve learned so much both. Dancewise, I’ve been exposed to so many new styles of dance like Ballroom and Chinese-and otherwise, about meditation and Qigong. I love how this intensive is about developing us as whole people, how we spent time just talking like we did yesterday.
• I would describe the intensive as very technique based and structured. I was able to practice all forms of dance, which I believe is very valuable. The rep piece gave me a task of the company’s work.
• dancEnlight Summer Intensive was a fun, and new experience. I got to meet new people and work with them.
• You explore new movement everyday while cultivating you as a person as well. We are all a happy family and are very comfortable laughing and enjoying one another’s company
• It is confidence strengthening and fun.
• Awesome! But hard at the same time.
• dancEnlight Summer Intensive was very interesting because it’s unique and you learn a lot of new things. There was a lot of different styles of dance that all helped me improve as a dancer.

2. What’s your favorite part of the program?
• I have two favorite parts: Site Specific and Contact improve. I loved Site Specific so much, especially in Hartford! It was such a cool experience to finally do Site Specific for the 1st time and to dance with the restrictions and freedoms of a public city space. It was so much fun to understand how the space and the dance interacted and use that to create cool photos and pieces. Contact improve was incredibly self-reflective for me, allowing me to play around with letting myself go and working on trusting others fully. I felt like it brought me closer to myself and other students on the program.
• My favorite part of the program was the Qigong classes because it was relaxing, calm and I enjoyed it very much. Another favorite part was the comp/Improv classes because it helped me develop and show my own personal style.
• I think accomplishing our goals were the most interesting throughout the program because it made us have to think harder and make us try new things. I think Ballet was my favorite thing because when I came into dancEnlight Summer Intensive, ballet was my least favorite part of dance, but now I realized that I have learned new things about ballet and it’s not as hard if you try to enjoy it.
• I love Qigong class because I think it’s amazing that you can channel your own energy to strengthen and heal yourself and others. I also enjoyed all of the out-of-the- norm-classes, like Martial Arts, Ballroom, because it gives you a taste of many different styles.
• Qigong and calligraphy were my favorite parts because we don’t get to do that any other time of the year.
• Taiji/Qigong/Meditation because they help me relax.
• My favorite class was a tie between stretch/strengthen and modern because stretch/strengthen made me more flexible and helped me enhance my strength and modern helped me become looser and let go a little when I’m dancing.

3. What’s your least favorite part of the program?
• None.
• Personally, my least favorite part was the ballet class. I struggled in it because it was not the style that I amused to study.
• Nothiing, I like everything.
• None.
• My least favorite part is not being able to go outside very often.
• Martial Arts, because I can’t remember the form.
• Everything was pretty great.

4. What classes you would like to take more or add in addition to our program?
• I would love to do more ballroom, improve and calligraphy.
• I would like to have more Qigong and Meditation. I find it incredibley valuable to my physical recovery after a long class.
• Add Hip-Hop.
• More calligraphy!!
• Calligraphy and ballroom.
• More Site Specific and more than 2 weeks.

5. How would you rate this program on a scale of 1 to 10?
• Out of 10, I would say 100!
• 8 out of 10.
• 12
• >10
• 11
• 9.5

Lines Beyond Form (Company concert) & Ink Passion (Pre-professional concert), March 27, 28 & 29, 2015

I thought there was so much there in tonight’s performance—the visual imagery and the journey through changing and evolving patterns of lines through the dances—some of the powerful projected images, the rods and other visual devices—well executed and not easy! There was clearly so much work that went into this concert and the company seemed in a strong and cohesive place. Wonderful to see the evolutions and incarnations of ideas and dances—so many congratulations to you.
-Judy Dworin

Congratulations again to you and Mai, all your dancers and hard working board members.
Another year and another wonderful performance by dancEnlight. Max and I sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the pace, both the vibrancy, tranquility and the music of the different pieces.
Reading the programme we realize each piece came from a personal journey for you searching for peace, harmony and balance in a tumultuous world.
–Zoe Macerollo

Another wonderful performance: the troupe keeps maturing, and is astonishing in how they live the pieces. But best for me is the harmony between the dance and the music and the visuals (costumes/props). It all just ‘fits’, both within a piece and how the pieces illustrate the common theme. And you and Mai were stunning as always.
-Joyce Carpenter

To you all - I must admit that a part of me was with you on stage during your magnificent performance, so I’m quite exhausted!!
Lines Without Form will be dancing in my head for a long time, as I am sure it will be with you. From conception to performance the concert was masterful and totally engaging. You brought it all together with your exuberance, soul and fine-tuned instruments. Lorelei’s vision was a creative challenge brought to life through your hard work and dedication. Congratulations to you all. You’re the best:)
Now get some rest … breath… (You too, Lorelei and Mai)
-XO Sheila Jocobs

My friends and I thought your production was immensely beautiful, moving, and thought-provoking as always!
I'm always brought to tears watching your work, this time it was the mother daughter sequence that hit a very deep chord in me.
Many thanks & congratulations,
-Marilyn Johnson

About the show, I thought it was really very well done. I felt that it had a good flow throughout the entire program, with some themes connecting everything. The lines kept coming back in ways that were recognizable but not distracting.
I *loved* the dragon, both the movement and the simple visual look. It is such a cool and distinctive symbol of Chinese culture. Nice to see it re-imagined.
Also really liked the black-light glowing effects. Lots of technical challenges throughout the show looked like they were effortlessly executed -- though I am certain that some things were struggles to figure out how to implement.
Congratulations again on an outstanding show!
With love,
-Joseph Getter

The danceEnlight pre-professional company did an awesome job tonight presenting Ink Passion. Such an amazing organization, with a simply brilliant director and choreographer, a fabulous instructional staff, and a super-talented bunch of young dancers! I am so pleased that Jacob is a part of this wonderful group!
-Shelley Wurst

We enjoyed a wonderful modern dancing performance in Hartford last night with Lorelei Chang, Mai Nakanishi and the DancEnlight troupe!
-Chuck Westfall

DPPC with dancEnlight! Amazing amazing show!!! Lorelei Chang--just fabulous! Can't wait to see the weekend show!!
-Sue Files

Congratulations on an outstanding performance! Just fabulous! Ben and I are already looking forward to your next one!
-Nancy Jordan

Amazing performance this evening. Just amazing. I personally loved the dragon.
-Daria Plummer

I was impressed with these talented young dancers' performance and so glad to see how much they have progressed from their training under the wonderful direction of ?Lorelei? and her assistants Bryan and Christine. They are so devoted to these these students. All the hard work showed on stage.
-Mai Nakanishi

It was a BRILLIANT performance!!
-Susie Lotreck

Zen Landscape feed back, March 22 & 23, 2014

From the moment we arrived the tone of the performance was set by the beautiful and haunting music performed by Joseph Getter. I was wishing the audience would stop talking so that I could more fully drink it in. The costuming was spectacular and the dancers were mesmerizing. Their fluidity, grace and agility were beautiful to watch. Even without consulting the program it was obvious when one was watching mountains form or trees bending in the wind. The Cranes were spectacular and I could have watched them perform for hours. It was nice to see humor injected as with the Koi Pond or a bit of more modern and driving music such as with Cultivation. I especially liked that piece because of its contrast. Over all the entire program was beautifully constructed and wonderfully blanked while also offering a wide range of style and evoking many different emotions. Perhaps best of all was the post performance interaction among the performers and audience. It came through so beautifully that dancEnlight is much more than an accomplished dance ensemble. It is a passion amongst immensely talented people who care deeply about their craft and about each other. That makes for a multi-dimensional performance that translates fully to the audience. Our first experience with dancEnlight. Certainly not our last. Thank you so much for giving us this gift.
--Susan Ludwig

dancEnlight rose to new heights this weekend, "Zen Landscape" blew the audiences away. You workded so hard and now you should be so very proud. I know I speak for the entire Board in saying BRAVO to Lorelei, Mai and each and every one of you. I am so happy to be part of this special family. The wonderful Qi you create is definitely felt by your loyal and growing patron base.
--Dr. Steve Schutzer (MD, Medical Director, Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute
President, Connecticut Joint Replacement Surgeons, LLC. and the President of dancEnlight's BOD)

What an outstanding performance it was!! Choreography, dancing, music, costumes, film, everything -- just marvelous!
-Nancy Jordan

Truly beautiful performance tonight! Stunning visuals, punctuated by moments of humor. All the dancers were fabulous, but seeing you and your sister dance was special - there was a level of communication that boarders on telepathy!
Thanks for the experience!
--Anthony Cornicello

Congratulations to Lorelei Chang and dancEnlight for a lovely performance this evening. Got me feeling all Zen-like. Dakota and her friend really liked it as well. Her friend had been to a Zen garden in Oregon and was comparing the dancers movements to the intentional asymmetry of that garden. Very nice.
--Laurel Laporte-Grimes

Dear Lorelei,
Congratulations on a beautiful performance! I am continually amazed by you, your choreography was wonderful as was the Zen Garden movie. Putting together the movie, ballet, photos, music and musician, truly magical.
Thinking of magical, your dancing with Mai was exquisite. You two could be performing professionally all over the world!
I also loved your words on Zen gardens on Zen gardens.
Dick and I thank you for an amazing experience.

Hi Lorelei,

Blu and I were so glad that we could be there this afternoon and were sorry we had to run out so quickly. My sister and brother-in-law were coming into town unexpectedly at 4 so we left as soon as the concert was over. Some very interesting ideas that you were playing with in such a different space! I loved the duet you created that Christine and Jeff danced--so strong. And the way you used the projections really created different environments. As always, your own dancing was beautiful and always lovely to see you and your sister dancing together. You had a wonderful and totally enthusiastic and loving audience. How terrific all the way around!
Warmest regards,
--Judy Dworin (Founder, Executive & Artistic Director of Judy Dworin Performance Project)

Hello Lorelei and Mai.
Congratulations to you and your company on an inspirational year end finale. Max and I were at the performance this afternoon. We enjoyed it so much. Especially the duets with you and Mai. Together you were extraordinarily beautiful and quite mesmerizing. We could have been there for many more hours watching the two of you dance. As the years go by dancEnlight becomes more and more unique and every year we look forward to your performances.
--Zoe and Max.

Harley and I were overjoyed to see Saturday's professional-level performance, an unexpected pleasure for me in that I had seen only the one dance during the rehearsal. The entire evening was breathtaking, including the exquisite movie that set the stage for the dancing to come.
--Ruth Ann

Hi Lorelei,
It was a fantastic show today. I brought Wang Xi (and her family). She loves your show. My favorite choreography is the part with rake, vary creative. I also love the Crane. It was so pretty...
Congratulations to you and Mai!
-Xuemei Li

It was an amazing show !!!
-Smita Sawat

Hi Lorelei!
Oh my goodness, what a fantastic show!! Every single piece was beautifully done and all of the dancers are so talented—working so well together!! I especially loved the Bonzai and your Fish Duet with your sister…..incredible….and the Koi Pond—lots of fun and playful—I was imagining the happy fish swimming! The talent on that stage today----absolutely incredible!
I cannot say enough how grateful I am to be able to enjoy your show every year with my senior group. We are all so impressed at how you are able to put together such a creative masterpiece every year! You have such a gift and I appreciate you sharing your gift with us!! Thank you!!
--Tracy Conery

What an amazing show! The choreography was amazing and so creative . The dancers were strong and effortless! Great job!
-Kayla Rodriguez

Hi Lorelei,
I hope the performance today went great and that you are feeling better! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening yesterday, it really was such a lovely event and I am so glad we were able to collaborate. I was deeply impressed by your and Mai's amazing talent, and also the company's performance.
Please tell Mai thank you so much again for the calligraphy gift, it will have a very prominent place in my living room and I will cherish it very much! Thank you both!!
--Lorraine Young

Congratulations, dancEnlight, on a visually stunning and spiritually filling production! Zen Landscapes is a masterpiece, every one of you danced flawlessly and shined brilliantly. Lorelei, I can't even begin to tell you how blown away I am that we are fortunate enough to have your talent here in Connecticut. And Joseph Getter's music is a miracle - his pre-performance exibition of mystical rhythms alone was worth the price of the ticket!! I purchased a ticket for tomorrow's performance before I left tonight so that Don can share in this amazing experience as well. Bravo to you all!!!
-Shelley Wells Wurst

The show Zen Landscape was superb Lorelei. Congratulations to you and to the talented dancers and crew. Well done and thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks again for the enlightenment.
--Dawn Murphy

Congratulations and Bravo to dancEnlight on Zen Landscape! Jack and I thoroughly enjoyed this magnificent performance by everyone. Such a beautiful expression of grace and power in motion. We loved the living sculptures that your dancers gave life to so effortlessly. The melodic movement pulsed by the rhythm of the music drew us into a peaceful garden escape from our busy lives. And once again Lorelei, you danced for me! Thank you!
--Mary Ventrelli Weigel

Hi Lorelei!

Thank you for your email. I am sorry I didn't get around to letting you know how much I enjoyed both performances. Your work is absolutely stunning and all of your dancers are so strong! You truly created an enlightening experience with integrity and atmosphere. The performance demonstrated the perfect balance between lightness and darkness with such fanciful, fun moments to contrast sleek and stark images. It was a pleasure to see such virtuosic and athletic dancers moving with ease and artistry. You all dance beautifully together. It is so satisfying for an audience to see people relating to one another and really connecting on stage.

My full name is Leah Moriarty. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for your next season! Best of luck and thank you for including me in the experience.


Leah C. Moriarty

dancEnlight performances at Granby Schools on March 18 & 20, 2013

-It was very well performed and a lot of fun. The dancers were amazing and their director is an inspiration to all of us. I stopped by after the performance to thank them but they were busy. My students and faculty loved it and I hope that we can do this again. I hope this is beneficial for promoting our students to study Chinese at GMHS.
*Paul Osypuk, the principal of the Granby Middle School

-Thank you so much for your fantastic performances to the Granby students.
*Jung Jung Su, the director of Global Education

"Sacred Existence" on March 15 &16, 2013

-The performance of " Sacred Existence" elevated Artistic Director Lorelei Chang and her dancers to another stratosphere of technical marvel. This stunning performance demonstrated the Company's remarkable diversity of talent in capturing the spirit of the love, honor and commitment of a young Buddhist Monk during an enduring search for his Reincarnate Master. It was a deeply moving piece of artistic work.all the dancers including the "Unmistaken Child" were spectacular.
* Dr. Steven F. Schutzer, M.D.

-What a truly exceptional performance! The story was beautiful and amazingly moving! The dancers were each fabulous to watch! So strong and well trained! As an audience member and and someone who could watch dancers for hours, I especially loved how connected the dancers were to each other! It was because of that that each piece flowed together so seamlessly!
I loved it and will continue to come to your performances! So happy to be connected to this group through Meghan!
*Lisa Camargo

-CONGRATULATIONS on a really amazing performance on opening night. We were moved by the intensity, beauty and intention of your dancing. It was stunning to see it all come together on the stage.
*Joseph Getter

-I thought the performance last night had some really beautiful moments--I was especially moved by the separation of Mom and daughter section--so nicely staged and conceived. And your duet was lovely as it was at the Marathon. Bryan has grown so much as a performer. The duet between he and Brielle was warm and natural and endearing. Overall this piece felt like a very positive direction and Blu and I were glad to see it.
*Judy Dworin, Founder, Executive & Artistic DirectorArtistic Director of Judy Dworin Performance Project

dancEnlight 3rd Summer Intensive Survey, 2011

1. How would you describe the dancEnlight Summer Intensive?

-I would describe the dancEnlight summer intensive as fun chanllenging, exploratory and very diverse.

-The dancEnlight Summer Intensive is a fun program that challenges you and gives you new experience.

2. What's your MOST favorite part of the program, and why?

-My most favorite part of the program was the teachers. Every single person that taught a class brought something new and challenging to think about and created the diverse environment that I think provided growth in my movement.

-My favorite part is Kurt Douglas's modern class because I really like Limon style.

-I enjoy taking the calligraphy and using it to create movement. It will stay with me as a way to choreograph for the rest of my life.

-My favorite part in general was the improv, because I just realized how much fun it could be. But the part I liked the best was when we were painting ourselves white, It was different way to dance that I never tried before and I think all of us connected really well, especially when it started raining.

-Interesting to learn about Tony & Lorelei=very fascinating people, and calligraphy too.

3.What's your least favorite part of the program, and why?

-My least favorite part was NOTHING:)

-I didn't dislike anything too much as to write about it. The chinese hands "lan hua shou" was hard, but I still had fun. (My fingers are not as flexible as Lorelei's)

-My least favorite part of the program would be honestly that's only two weeks long. I loved every minute of the program and wish it could continue!

4. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the program?

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my satisfaction with the program a 20! I lovedddd it!!!! It's one of my favorite experiences in my life thus far!

"IN BETWEEN" World Premiere on March 25 & 26, 2011 at Charter Oak Cultural Center

-Thoroughly enjoyed it as always! Really loved how personal the very first piece was. My other favorite was you and Mai dancing under the sheer fabric tunnel.
And the joy of the paint portion was fantastic...
big hugs,
*Debby Reelitz, Calligrapher

-Lorelei--you have a very strong group of dancers gathered and there were some new and interesting ideas that you were playing with. So glad we could be there and look forward to speaking more--sorry that we couldn't see you after--hugs from us both and best for tomorrow night.
*Judy Dworin, Founder, Executive & Artistic DirectorArtistic Director of Judy Dworin Performance Project

-Millions of thanks for the exciting show tonight. I can feel every dancer's tremendous energy. They put so much into their movements, even the little dancers. You did a awesome job creating the show and choreography. There was that unique dance with Chinese martial art elements that you and Mai performed as duvet. Amazingly you two can be both ways: graceful, soft and then sharp, quick and powerful.
Congratulations on the fantastic performance!
Dr. Xuemei Li

-Hi Lorelei, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your show.It was a very special treat to see you and your sister dance together. I really, really really enjoyed that. You two were just super great.

-Dear Lorelei, congratulations to you and Mai on your beautiful choreographies and to all your dancers who have grown and matured in the last year since we last saw them. Your work was imaginative and fluid and I particularly enjoyed what I call the "Tai Chi Sword" piece. It was exquisite to watch you and Mai dance together again.

*Zoe Macerollo, Photographer

Caitlin and i had such a wonderful time on friday!! we loved the performance!!!!

-I too want to send thanks -- especially to Lorelei and the company for the opportunity for our kids to work with such talented professionals. In our case in particular, it's such a special gift for Jacob to get to interact and collaborate with male dancers -- Tony, Levi, Brian and Luke, you are wonderful role models for Jacob and have inspired him to want to pursue a career in professional dance. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and professionalism with him, and with all of the kids.
Congratulations on a beautiful body of work!

*Shelley Wurst, parent

-Thank you so much! It was a truly wonderful experience for us, and I have to say to all the parents that the kids were really wonderful backstage. I was impressed by how they managed to keep all that energy channeled in good directions. Parents, please tell them I had a great time hanging out with them all! (And thanks to Lisa, Maria and Shelley for helping out!)

*Laurel LaPort Grimes, parent

Ink Passion II, March 26 & 27, 2010

-Karen and I were just having coffee and reminiscing about last evening. My friend, I have been keenly interested in dance and movement for a long time now and have worked with a number of well known Artistic Directors and Choreographers. I don't believe I have ever seen a technically more challenging and yet perfectly executed piece in a long time, if ever. Add to that your passion, love and spirit and we what we saw was a priceless piece of art. Spectacular in every way! Your dancers were right on the button with their movement...all I can say is "WOW"....last year was great, but this took DancEnlight to another level indeed. Mai's solo piece was a fantastic rendition of a time classic...we loved it. We were so happy to be there with family and friends to enjoy and share the experience. The reception was so much fun for everyone too. It was very special to see you and Katie dance together...that shows an incredible level of maturity and poise.
*Dr. Schutzer

-I attended Ink Passion 2 on 3/26 after seeing a preview some weeks
ago at an art opening at Charter Oak Cultural Ctr. All I can say is thank
you, what a magnificent performance. To think such artistry is right here,
I feel as if I've discovered hidden treasures & am inspired! I am a fabric artist myself & have not felt so enriched by 'seeing' in a long time.I will look forward to attending more performances.To be encased by such beauty & creativity,a Blessing. Thank You a thousand times & then a thousand more.
*Ivy Farinella

-Dear Lorelei,
Thank you for a wonderful evening. We especially enjoyed seeing you and Mai perform as you are both exquisite and a joy to watch. You are dance from within.
Thank you,

-Lovely evening Lorelei-lots of new directions and expansion! I loved Tony's solo on pointe and the duet with John and Luke was fabulous-great to see the various incarnations of all. And of course wonderful to see you and your sister together again and you and Katie. So many nice touches! I hope that tonight goes wonderfully-vibrant dancing and a really positive energy from the group that you have gathered together. Congratulations!!
*Judy Dworin, Founder, Executive & Artistic DirectorArtistic Director of Judy Dworin Performance Project

"Ink Passion" at Japanalia on 10/3/2010

-Master Chinese calligrapher/contemporary dancer LORELEI CHANG dances as she paints: majestically, fluidly, expressively, with command.

Joined by dancer Tony Oliveres, Lorelei explores the relationship between symbol and essence in her exquisite performance style."
*Dan Blow, designer

Feedback on "INK PASSION" Yokohama, Tokyo performance 8/20/10

-Ink Passion performance was beyond description..so breathtakingly beautiful....so filled with unbelievable talent...creativity...beauty...emotion...feeling....compassion...and passion....you took my breath away...i drank in ...devoured...every move of yours....so elegant....so stunning...so intensely sensual at times...it was an evening that i would not lightly forget....it was indeed an honour to be associated with such talent and excellence...
*South Africa Ambassador, Mr. Grobler

-It's a Great performance tonight. I truly enjoyed all the dances. Hope to see it again.
*Jose Cayton, President of Coca Cola in Tokyo, Japan

Feedback on "Ink Passion" at Odyssey International Calligraphy Conference 7/26/10

-On the last evening, we had a slide show of the week and when "Ink Passion" pictures came up of you dancing there was a gasp and applause. People had been really amazed. I understand that a number of people were telling those who did not attend your performance that it was the most wonderful thing that they had seen. I can not thank you enough for capturing the essence of calligraphy in such a wonderful way.
*Elissa Barr, Odyssey Coordinater

-Ink Passion at Odyssey last week was wonderful!
We were so glad you and your dancers performed. What a joyus and exuberant show, I was smiling for hours.
I would have loved to have had a DVD of it but the copies you brought were gone in a flash. Please let me know how I can get a copy.
*Ken Levine, Calligrapher

-Just to see the "Ink Passion" is worth the entire tuition.

DancEnlight 2nd year Summer Intensive, 6/28-7/9, 2009

Question 1. Do you think that what you have learned through this workshop would be useful for your future dance studies and performances? Why?

--Very useful. It can apply to all performances and classes. The knowledge I received here went above expectations. I feel like I have become a much more mature dancer.

--I learned to be more mindful of what I am doing.

--Yes, most certainly. The different creative tools and performance skills will help me with future choreography projects and my overall dancing abilities.

--Absolutely. My technique has improved and I am a more creative, fearless dancer

Question 2. How would you describe the DancEnlight Summer Intensive?

--I would describe it as an incredibly fun and instructive program, that surprisingly helps in all areas of dance!

--It was intense, fun and eye openning!

--I would tell all my friends who are interested in getting away from the ballet world. I'd say it was endless fun and you'll do exercises that will broden your dance movements. Coming out of dancEnlight, I feel like a who new dancer.

--I would describe the intensive as intense, but fulfilling and worthwhile. I would reccommend it to any dancer wanting to expand their dance knowledge and creativity.

Question 3. What's your favorite part of the program, and why?

--My favorite part was the site specific work because it was something completely new to me and it a lot of fun.

--I thought the repertory classes with Natalie, and the Modern Technique classes with both Natalie and Lorelei were my favorite parts of the program because I really enjoyed learning different styles and feelings of dance between the two teachers, and the classes were just plain fun!

--Learning the Repertory pieces from all the teachers and improvisation.

--Performance skill--because I learned things that really helped me and I won't forget them.

"Ink Passion I" March, 2009

-I attended Ink Passion 2 on 3/26 after seeing a preview some weeks
ago at an art opening at Charter Oak Cultural Ctr. All I can say is thank
you, what a magnificent performance. To think such artistry is right here, I feel as if I've discovered hidden treasures & am inspired! I am a fabric artist myself & have not felt so enriched by 'seeing' in a long time. I will look forward to attending more performances. To be encased by such beauty & creativity, a Blessing. Thank You a
thousand times & then a thousand more.
*Ivy Ferinella

Hi Lorelei and Mai: Wow! What a world class performance. Powerful, passionate, emotional. Mixture of modern dance, Kung Fu/Wushu, sword technique. The energy was palpable. I actually SAW both of you become the Chinese characters you were painting...we are so proud. My friends and colleagues loved it immensely. We look forward to seeing you both tomorrow and hope you have some time to rest after the performance tonight. Good luck!


Congratulations on your fabulous performances. The flow and move against the background of calligraphy was exquisite. The music mix was terrific and the pieces performed to Gaetano Veloso's music was lively and exciting. I didn't recognise Charter Oak - it cleaned up real good! So thank you for casting this glorious spell on all of us for one night. Do an encore tonight!!


Seeing your dream manifest this weekend was magical! Seeing the two art forms take life on stage was a thing of beauty, but even more beautiful was seeing the hard work, dedication, and vision transform into something that brought so many people together. It brought inspiration. The energy you and your sister created was truly remarkable. It was great to be a part of. Thank you again!


Anthony Maietta
Centered Health Physical Therapy

"Ink Passion I" March 28, 2009

I went to see some dance last night. The dance ensemble is called "dance Enlight" started by a dancer named Loelei Chang whois incredibly
wonderful.I am blown away by the talent here,we don't need to go to N.Y. to be blown away, the group is incredible. This group is quite remarkable & I will let u know when they are performing again because u would delight in their artistry. I'm absolutely thrilled & enthused to find such creativity right here & not have to ravel to N.Y. Have you been to the Cultural Arts
Center in Hartford? It's an old synagog & they
have wonderful things there & that is where we saw this group. Just great, & it spurs my creative thoughts which is always a gift for me. Makes me more excited about life.

DancEnlight 1st Fundraising Event @ Heights of Wellness 12/2008

Dear Lorelei,

I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your performance. I drove home, went straight to the studio confusing my husband by not saying hello, wrote a small reflection about the dance on the back of the piece, dug out my chop that was made for me in China when I visited after graduating high school, added my chop (primitive as it is) to the piece, went outside in the dark to get the tall ladder and hung your performance piece in my living room on the high wall.

Very graciously, my husband gave me the space to do all this without interfering. And when I was ready to share with him, the strong emotional reaction I had to your piece started to make more sense. In your dance, I experienced three pieces, the dance with the brush preparing to write, 2) writing and 3) dancing after lettering. And it was that 3rd section after the lettering that you and your dance felt so much bigger and fuller to me-and as I explained it to Chris, my husband, that is the essence of what I want to create with my own art. That my lettering helps me become fuller and maybe in some way helps others to do the same. I may have a long way to go but thank you for that beautiful inspiration to continue the journey.


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