It's wonderful to meet you here. Thank you for visiting! My Shiatsu practice is on break due to Covid. Please come back and hope to see you again.

Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” in Japanese. It’s a holistic healing modality based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridians of the body because our body is closely tied to nature — the sky and the earth. As such, Shiatsu is a medium that balances body energy with nature and help relief discomfort and pain.

In her application of Shiatsu treatment, Lorelei combines her Qigong knowledge and her understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and infuses them into her unique style of Shiatsu. She channels the life force of Heaven and Earth into her body and as a conduit to connect with the client’s body. Through gentle touching and applying pressure along the pathways of the body’s meridians she helps each client balance his/her inner world so that energy would flow with ease and able to maintain good health.

Lorelei studied the Five Elements of Shiatsu at The Meridians School with an amazing Shiatsu practitioner and teacher, Nini Melvin. Lorelei also studied herbal medicine with Laura Magnosa, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in a two-year program with renowned scholar and TCM acupuncturist, Lonny Jarrett.

Please contact Lorelei via the "contact" page or email directly to her at An appointment is required. You may schedule a one hour or a one hour thirty minute appointment as you wish. The first visit is two hours long and the cost is $125. After the first visit, it will be $85 per hour or $120 for 1.5 hour.

Times for treatments are listed below…

Mondays 9am to 12noon, 2pm to 5pm

Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm

Fridays 3pm-5pm

Saturdays 10am to 12noon

Lorelei looks forward to assisting you on this healing path.
She holds so much gratitude to many of her teachers and her clients who have supported her along the way.

Fee: First visit require 2 hours which is $125 (45mins discussion, 60-75mins Shiatsu). After the first visit, $85 per 60 minutes or $120 per 90mins.

Photo by Jeff Holcombe