Chinese Calligraphy T-Shirts/Pants/Scarves/Tantops

Chinese Calligraphy T-Shirts/Pants/Scarves/Tantops
Lorelei is offering hand- painted Five Elements and your favorite word Chinese calligraphy t-shirts. This is great treat for yourself and unique gift to your friends. The T0shirt has a beautiful quality, nice fabric and the painting lasts for many years. This offer will be expired at the end of September. Please provide below information...

1.Full Name
2.Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
3.Colors for female: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Grey Colors for male: White, Dark Red, Grey
4.The word(s) you want Lorelei to paint
5. Styles: T-shirt(Male/Female), or Exercise Tank Top(female only)
6. Your email and phone number so Lorelei can contact you for any questions.
7. Your mailing address

Fee: $35 plus $7 shipping and handling per shirt

It takes about two to three weeks to arrive your home. Please make sure to order in advance.

Instruction for how to take care of your shirts/pants/scarves/tanktops
Please use cold water, delicate cycle if use machine, and hang to dry. Hand wash preferred.

Enjoy the Chinese ancient art form of calligraphy!