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Photo by Sachiko Nagata

Sacred Mysteries Presents The Wei Qi Field-The art of energetic protectionplay clip
Fox 61 - Sept 2021play clip
Channel 8 WTNHopen website
An interview with State of the ARTSopen website
Chang Sistersplay video
Channel 8 - Zen Landscape Interviewplay video
Channel 8 - Zen Landscape Encore Performanceplay video
Connecticut Style on New Haven television station WTNH on 6/20/13open website
Here's the "Encore" direct link. Dance at 2:50 or soplay clip
"Qitalks" hosted by National Qigong Association hosted by Vicki Dello Joio. Lorelei talks about "Qigong & Dance-When two art forms meet".open website
dancEnlight Presents Sacred Existence - WTNH Channel 8open website
dancEnlight PROMO
Invisible Lineopen website
Liquid livesplay video
Channel 8 Demo
Video 1play video
Video 2play video
1420AM WLIS/1150AM WMRD. "SpotLight; Radio Reveling in the Arts and Entertainment"open website - Original Play On Chinese Culture In Hartford | 3/27open website