50+2 Qigong workshop & the Birthday celebration.
April 3rd, 2021.
7amEST to 9amEST

50+2 Qigong workshop & the Birthday celebration
Date & Time: April 3, 8am-10am EST,
8pm-10pm China, 9pm-11pm Japan
Fee: $35 for currently registered students,
$55 others
RMB280, 4500 Japanese Yuan

Lorelei and Mai will be celebrating their birthdays on April 3rd. They will be sharing Radiant Lotus Women Qigong(RLWQ) with their international students in US, Japan and China. Lorelei will be teaching RLWQ to honor their dear friend, the RLWQ creator and teacher, Daisy Lee who shares the same birthday as them. 

This program is open to all and will be taught in both Chinese & English.

The program will be recorded and shared with those who cannot attend. 

1. Qi dance warm up
2. Radiant Lotus Women Qigong
3. Lorelei & Mai's Dance & Calligraphy performance
4. Games with prizes
5. Qi Cha Cha (Birthday special)
6. Qi Chat

Radiant Lotus Women Qigong was created by renowned Qigong teacher, Daisy Lee. She has an intention to empower women with a well developed system of gentle exercises including shaking and cupping, Tibetan sound healing, self-massage, showering movement, acupressure, and series of beautiful Qigong movements. Radiant Lotus Women Qigong supports the release of toxins from the body, strengthens the bones and skeletal structure, balances the hormonal system, improves immunity and cellular health, helps the gentle release of blacked emotions and past traumas, feelings of fear, overwhelm, or sadness after a traumatizing prognosis and many more.

Lorelei Chang is certified Radiant Lotus Women Qigong level I and II instructor and has practiced Qigong for over 30 years. Recently, she was honored to be selected as one of Daisy’s RLWQ instructors to help assist Daisy’s teaching on Shift Network by answering her students’ questions. Lorelei is a professional dancer, choreographer and Chinese calligrapher. She has been cultivating these art forms for lifetime, and ready to share this wonderful Women’s Qigong to help many women and men who are interested in learning the form to become vibrant self and radiant their light into others and world.