Let's Taiji Dance

Let's Taiji Dance
Date: March 1st, to May 3rd, 2024
Time: 11am-11:45amET


$146 for the entire 10 sessions (Currently registered students)
$174 for the entire 10 sessions (Others)
$20 Single class

Payment Method:
Venmo (Lorelei-Chang)
Paypal (dancenlight@gmail.com)

Class requires a minimum of 4 people to start

Let’s Taiji Dance

When we dance, we give our body an opportunity to sing its favorite melody and connect with the deep joy in our heart.

When we do Taiji, everything slows down. The heart returns to peace and the entire body is united to the harmony of oneness.

This class combines Taiji and dance with a focus on moving the qi to harmonize our body, mind and spirit. Through relaxation and joyful movements, we release pent up emotions that are hidden deep in our tissues. We let go of all the holdings that control us from being fully relaxed and from being able to move freely. We give our body permission to truly feel, sense, and be free so we can connect to our authentic body and deep joy with an open heart effortlessly.

Each dance has a specific style of movement and focuses on certain part of the body. Lorelei hopes that through this 10 week course, your balance and mood will be improved, and you will have more strength and feel more flexible physically and mentally.

Let’s Taiji dance everyone! All are welcome. Please check what you will be learning in this 10 week course:

-Morning sound healing

-Brain teaser for brain health

-Detox emotional waste

-Yoga Stretch & Strengthening

-Qigong stretches for tendon and muscle flexibility

-Breathing through movement, movement through breaths

-Balance, coordination and creativity

-Improv to connect SELF

-Get in touch with your deep joy

-Learning dance techniques

-Feet work

-Tibetan Dance for leg’s coordination, strength and flexibility

-Flower hands for activating meridians channels in the upper body

Ten Taiji Dancers you will be learning:

-Counting butterflies (Eyes and hands coordination, great for eyes and hands)

-Laughing shoulders (Great for circulating qi and blood to shoulders, lung and heart)

-Willow tree (Great for Spine, and all internal organs)

-Brain Teaser movement games

-Tibetan Dance (For strengthening the legs)

-Fishtail dance (Breathing exercises. Spine and legs flexibilities)

-Swirling water (Generating the entire body’s qi flow with silk reeling movement)

-Happy Feet (All kinds of foot work to keep your feet healthy)

-Balance beam dance (challenging and strengthen balance)

-Moving like cloud, dancing like water (Free dance with guided improvisation)

Photo by Jeff Holcombe