Special calligraphy

Special calligraphy
Lorelei has created these pieces specially for Chinese New Year 2021! We have been through a tremendous tough time in 2020. She wishes everyone a brighter, healthier, prosperous OX year!

"Spring" represents the new beginning, hope this new beginning brings all of our "dreams" to reality with "joy", vitality of "Qi" and abundant "health", allows our life filled with "light", "wisdom" and "Happiness."

The translation from L to R, Up to Down:

Spring, Dream, Joy
Qi, Love, Health
Light/Illumination, Wisdom, Happiness

4 3/4 (W) x 5 1/4 (H) each
15 1/2 (W) x 17 1/2 (H) all together

Calligraphy by Lorelei Chang
$30 each
$225 all