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SUNSET Qigong-Qigong for releasing grief

Location: Hammonasset State Park in CT
1288 Boston Post Rd, Madison, CT 06443

Date & Time: Sunday, 9/27, 5:30pm-7pm
Suggested Donation: $15-25

To register, please contact Lorelei at dancenlight@gmail.com

Lorelei offers this workshop with the intention to help her students to release any heavy emotions as they enjoy the sun, ocean, sky and earth, watch the sunset during meditation. For those who would like to attend but didn't make it to her previous outdoor Qigong workshop, here is another opportunity to practice Qigong outdoor with Lorelei and learn some new Qigong exercises before the weather gets cold. Lorelei hopes you can join her for this special Qigong event. 

What you will learn from this workshop:

-Qigong to release grief 
-Breathing technique
-Clearing the Lungs patting routine
-Double Phoenix Five Element Qigong (Lung form)?-Balancing the Fire Element (Heart)with the Metal Element (Lung)
-Nourishing the Yin energy 
-Sound Meditation under the moon light


SUN & EARTH Qigong workshop at Hammonasset Beach State Park

Date & Time: Sunday, 9/13/20, 9am-10:30am
Location: Hammonasset Beach State Park at 1288 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT
Suggested Donation: $15-25

Lorelei studied the "Sun and Earth Qigong" from her beloved teacher, the Qigong Master, Ken Cohen. In this workshop,
Lorelei will be teaching you this simple and beautiful form to connect with cosmic and earth energy. She will be leading
you with a fun "Qi flows" warm up accompanied by the sound of ocean waves. You will have an opportunity to explore
some fun Qi tricks as well as the exercises to help release all the unnecessary energy burdens to the ocean and make
more "energy space" in your body for the upcoming season.

What you will learn from Sun & Earth Qigong workshop:

--Fun Qigong flow warm up--
--Dan Tian circles--
--Baihui Qi charges--
--Sound healing--
--Gathering Qi to three energy centers--
---Sun & Earth Qigong--

To register, please respond to Lorelei Chang by replying to this email no later than 9/5/20.
You may pay via Venmo (Lorelei Chang) or by mailing a check to Lorelei.

This workshop will be held in-person only. We will be limited to 15 people, first come first serve based. No recording will
be provided. A minimum of 10 people to start the workshop. Parking information details will be provided after the registration

Photo by Jeff Holcombe

Qigong Enrichment Program Online

Date and Time: Sunday, October 4th, 1-3pm, 2020

Cost: $35 (Current Qi Medicine students)
$55 Others
To register, please email Lorelei at dancenlight@gmail.com

Guest Presenter, Terry Walter: CLEAN FOOD



1.The Clean Food Quarantine Kitchen
Spending more time than ever in your kitchen? Struggling to use everything in your pantry? Trying to maximize health for yourself and your family? Join Terry for an hour of nourishment that will educate, inspire, motivate, and provide solutions to your quarantine-cooking challenges. Together we’ll cook a little, share a little, and nourish mind, body, and soul.


The surest way to balance and center yourself during chaotic times swirling around you is to realign with the things from which we cannot be apart from, Heaven – Earth, and recalibrate ourselves with the rhythms of the universe, Sun - Moon – Water. Join Mark as he discusses how our sense of separation is the source of personal pain and suffering as he teaches two simple yet profound exercises – The Centering Breath and Sun & Moon.

Terry Walter's bio

Terry Walters is at the forefront of the clean eating lifestyle movement and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion to eat clean and live well. Her work inspires and empowers us to make positive changes for our health and the health of our environment.

Terry is the author of two best-selling cookbooks, CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START. She is a James Beard Foundation Award finalist and recipient of the Nautilus Gold and Silver Book Awards. Of her first book, Chef Mario Batali saysL CLEAN FOOD is the most exciting book based on fresh produce and simple recipes I have used in years.”

Terry is regularly featured on television and radio, in print and Internet media, and is the author of the popular blog Eat Clean Live Well. She works extensively as an educator, consultant, clean food chef and advocate for healthy change in the way we eat and live, and serves as Advisor to the Board of Directors for Urban Oaks Organic Farm. Terry is an avid runner, cyclist, skier and gardener-living what she teaches, doing the best she can to embrace good health for herself, her family, her community and the environment.



Mark Reinhart's bio

Mark R Reinhart Has been a practitioner of the energetic arts for over 60 years. Musical cultivation and performance led to his work with Eastern Philosophical, Martial and Healing art in the mid 1960s. He is literate in numerous styles and systems of Taijiquan and Qigong and has extensive and ongoing training in all aspects of the Chinese approach to health and well being. Mark has been a Professional Member of the NQA (National Qigong Association) since 2006, served on its Board of Directors from 2007 through 2014 four of those years serving as NQA President. He is currently serving another term on the NQA Board. He has taught and lectured across the country and has been a regular presenter at numerous NQA Annual Conference. In addition to his ongoing musical teaching and performance, he offers both Chinese and Western Astrology workshops and has the second edition of his book ‘Thunder Over Wind – Another Doorway into the Wisdom of the Yi Jing’ available. For more information or to contact Mark please visit www.threepurerivers.com call 570.359.3059 or send an email to 3purerivers18@gmail.com

Summer Qigong series 1

Summer Qigong series 1
Qigong in bed online series

Date: Sundays, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2
Times: 10-11:30noon
Fee: $25 per class, or $65 for all three (rate for current students of the 2020 Qi Medicine Program);
$35 per class, $85 for all three classes (rate for the general public)

In Chinese, Zuo Wo Gong, means sitting (Zuo) and lying down (Wo) Qigong. We often practice Qigong standing up
but for those who are not able to stand or dealing with injury, recovering from surgery or simply don't feel like it,
then Zuo Wo Gong is the best choice and it works just as well! This type of Qigong is also beneficial when practiced
before bedtime or after waking up in the morning. When practice before bedtime, it will enhance the quality of your
sleep; when practice before get out of bed in the morning, it will energize your body and give you a greater sense of
wellbeing as you start the day. Please wear comfortable clothes and have pillows and towels ready for classes.

In these three series of Qigong workshops, you will learn:

-Daoist Qigong breathing technique to enhance your sleep and vitality
-Three, Two, One meridians Qigong form
-Qigong patting routine in bed
-Self Shiatsu-connecting points of the meridians
-How to get down to the floor and get off the floor
-How to effortlessly get in and off the bed
-Acupressure on the face, arms and legs
-Whole body stretches in bed
-Chinese clock, time of day cycle

Photo by Lonny Jarrett

Summer Qigong series 2

Summer Qigong series 2
Qigong for Eyes, Ears, Nose, Head and Hands

Date: Sundays, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23
Fee: $25 per class, or $65 for all three (rate for current students of the 2020 Qi Medicine Program);
$35 per class, or $85 for all three classes (rate for the general public)

We are constantly staring at the computer or use iPhones these days. Many people are experiencing headaches,
migraine, eye fatigue, hands or fingers related health issues. This workshop will impart some very useful Qigong
exercises to help your head, eyes and the whole body to relax and clear tensions in those areas. Lorelei designed
an easy-to-learn Qigong routine to support the health of your wellbeing.

In these three series of Qigong workshops, you will learn:

In these three series of Qigong workshops, you will learn:
-Liver and Gall Bladder cleansing Qigong
-Qigong for the eyes
-Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong for the eyes
-Pa Da Gong (Patting routine)
-Facial Massage
-Acupressure on Liver and Gall Bladder meridians
-Self Shiatsu-Five Elements meridians connecting points

Photo by Ron Compton

Qi Medicine Course/Classes

Qi Medicine Course/Classes
Qi Medicine Course/Classes
--The spirit of Qigong, acupuncture meridians & Chinese characters

Mondays: 7:30pm-8:30pm
Saturdays: 10:30-11:30am
8 classes total per month

S20 Single per person
$120 Monthly per person

Lorelei has designed a course to go with six months of exploring the essences of Qigong through various of Qigong
forms, expanding the knowledge on Chinese medicine/culture/acupuncture points, body meridians and the spirit
of Chinese characters. You are welcome to sign up for the entire course, take it monthly or drop in for a single class.
It should be a lot of fun! This program is normally taught as workshops but I will be teaching them
in class settings as I would like to make it affordable to all.

You can pay via Venmo or send your check to: 15 Stonehenge Road, South Windsor, CT 06074. Please feel free to s
hare this information with your friends, more people the better Qi field.

Please consider to participate in Qigong Enrichment program as you can take advantage of the discounted rate as a
registered student, this would most importantly expand your Qi horizon.

Lorelei's heart is smiling every time she shares Qigong with her students. She hope to meet you on this Qi path.

Photo by Jeff Holcombe
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