What people say about Lorelei's Qigong teachings...

Qigong has changed the way I look at life and health. I truly believe that my practice has made me stronger, healthier both physically and mentally, and more at peace -  I just feel so good after each time I do this. Thanks for all you do - you are one of my best cheerleaders, supporters and motivators and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
-Sue Wernick, cancer survivor

Tonight was extraordinary for me.  When we began the movement a rather sharp burning electrical energy was traveling down my right forearm along the Lung meridian - this has been happening for a few days.
-Suan Armstrong, Qigong teacher and musician

I so appreciate you and your classes. It was a fortuitous day when I met you! Just seeing your face and smile makes my day. Even through zoom your positive loving energy comes through. I hope you realize and feel good in your heart about all you do for us. Please know the love and gratitude we have for you. You are such a loving, giving person. You improve so many peoples lives.
-Diane Brainerd, Artist

It goes without saying that I miss the direct contact with you, and even though you can't see me on zoom, I'm with you. Just know that you remain an important part of my life.
-Ruth Ann Graime, dancEnlight Board Member

Lorelei uses movement and expression to cultivate positive healing energy. She has a beautiful spirit.
-Kidada Fields, Acupuncturist

I had the opportunity to practice with Lorelei at Kripalu and it was a wonderful experience full of fun, positive energy and love!
-Mary Beck, Scientist and Qigong teacher

Lorelei offers combined healing and inspiring modalities of ancient Chinese Qigong practice, dance inspired movement, Japanese Shiatsu self care method and Chinese calligraphy to enhance vibrant health and mindful living.
-Mai Nakanishi, dancer, calligrapher, choreographer

Thank you for inspiring me and my own Qi Gong classes. They are so much better because of my experience in these classes. You are gifted in so many ways, and your passion comes through so beautifully in every class. You rock Lorelei! I also wanted you to know that I will be signing up for both classes from Jan- June and am honored and motivated to continue this study of Qi Gong and learn from you who; you embody this practice in such a beautiful and powerful way. Your essence is what makes it so magical to observe. Your words and demonstrations are amazing to watch and learn from; but the beauty of who you are is what comes shining through with such brilliance and honesty.
With a big Qi hug and much admiration,
- Sue Gold, Qigong Teacher

The metal and letting go is very timely for me personally. My business is going through a shift and I needed to let go a few things. The metal or Gold element made it easier for me to let go of a business location that needed to. I still have other locations that I can make stronger with this action. Thanks for being our dependable teacher twice a week. Your infectious smile and curiosity have made our lives better.
-Kapil Taneja, Qigong and Yoga teacher

Before I began Qigong, I just thought of it as being a physical place where I lived, where I laid my head at night. My Qigong practice changed my thought. I learned that my home is my body, which is intelligent and knows how to heal itself. This was good news to me!
-Michele Gara, Writer

I thank you for being my teacher, for bringing your deep embodied knowledge, your creativity and joy, and for sharing so generously from your culture, and practice.
With love and gratitude,
Moon Smith, Qigong Teacher

Thank you so much for all you've done this past year. I have truly found practicing Qigong these past months to be so important in coping during this time, but also incredibly enriching in my daily life. Your thoughtful approach to teaching the many diverse students in our classes, always makes it comfortable and welcoming. I also particularly love all the information about the body and the connections to our practice that you make throughout class. The stories, poems and teachings from others, add a particular richness to the sessions. I just wanted to tell you how grateful and enriched I have been since walking into that class at the senior center several years ago.
-May your day be filled with smiles:)
Trudy Singer