Qi Pharmacy I & II

Qi Pharmacy I & II
Qi Pharmacy I
Time & Date: January 7 to June 23, 2024 (no class 3/31, 4/14)
Sundays: 11am to 12noon EST

Qi Pharmacy II
Time & Date: July 7 to Dec 22, 2024 (No class on 12/1 Thanksgiving weekend)
Sundays: 11am to 12noon EST

According to Chinese medicine, most diseases are caused by blockage of energy flow in the body due to insufficient qi and blood. In result, the diseases are formed by accumulated toxic over the years that are not flushed out of the body. Therefore, to cure illness, we must first open the flow and allow the stagnant qi moving and discharged, then waking up our immune and healing system of oneself.

How to open the flow and keep our Qi (Yang) and blood (Yin) sufficient and balanced in the body? Organic food and supplements maybe are the first things come to our mind. However, if the body's energy system is blocked of flow, it is impossible to absorb the nutrients, just like watering a plant with a plastic cover on top.

One of my Qigong teachers used to say that our body has all the "medicines" we need, and in fact, the BEST medicine that we can use to heal our body!

Qigong cultivation helps us to access and even create the medicines that we need, in Qigong term, is called "Hun Yuan Qi". The type of energy has alchemically transformed to serve our body on the cellular level. This man-made medicine can be created through Qigong practice. When we practice Qigong in a deep qi state for a long period of time, the miraculous healing happens. The truth is that the more frequently we practice, the more energy we have, and the better health state we are in! However, it does require perseverance and commitment to this cultivation.

This 6 month course will give you some good tools to open and generate the Qi flow and help us to nourish our qi and blood through some ancient Daoist Qigong practice which will balance Yin & Yang through meridians and acupuncture points. Lorelei also will be sharing many practical self-healing tools that suitable for all ages, and easy to learn sound healing practices.

In this whole year program, we will be exploring together with openness and curiosity. Let's dive into the Qi pharmacy inside our body and discover our own nature medicine and healing power within.

-Longevity points
-Bao Jian Gong (Health Qigong)
-Self massage
-Channels & vessels
-Potent points for variety of health "Projects"
-Breathing technique
-Essential qigong techniques
-Simple daily routine to support health
-Five Yin organ focused practice
-Tong Bei Quan exercises to open the energy channels
-Chinese characters in Qigong practice
-Self healing tools
-Fang Song Gong
-Gui Xi Fa (Turtle Qigong)

$76 monthly
$384 for the entire six months (A special rate for current registered students)
$436 for the entire six months (Others)
$720 for the whole year

To register, please make your payment via Venmo (Lorelei Chang) or Paypal (pls select family & friends to avoid additional service fee) by Dec 30, 2023

Photo by Jeff Holcombe