Private Classes

Private Classes
Welcome to private classes page!

As I grew up in China, I understand the Chinese culture believes that in the fate of meeting certain people at certain time, it's all meaningful and precious. I treasure our meeting right here right now. May we share this beautiful life path for however long, whether is just one class or 10 years. Thank you for meeting me here.

Private classes for those who desire to have individual attention with specific questions and request or for healing purposes.

I am delighted to offer you a private session via zoom or in-person outside of my backyard when weather permits. Please feel free to contact me at to schedule your private session on Qigong, Five Element Meridians, movement classes and Chinese Calligraphy.

I will contact you either via email or phone to discuss your needs before we start the session so that I can serve you the best possible.

Fee: $125-150 scale, per person, per hour
$ 65-85 scale per person, per hour for semi private

Photo by Shirota Koiji