Chinese calligraphy by Mai Nakanishi
Double colors silk border with white and gold
Measurement: 27(W)x58(L)
Fee: $486 Plus shipping

“Qi” pronounces “Chi”, is translated, “life force” in English. In Chinese language, Qi used in every aspect of life. We describe everything with Qi, in other word, Chinese culture is Qi influenced philosophy. Qi, this primordial life force has created all things, all beings on earth. It connects us to nature’s energy, to each other’s qi field, as well as healing force. If you want to dive deep into the Qi culture, study Chinese philosophy. Enjoy the good qi in this painting. That’s Lorelei’s intention when she created this artwork. She wants to bring the qi light from her heart to yours. May abundant qi flow nourishes our body, heart and spirit.