Qigong In Bed Online Series .
July 19th, 2020, including 7/26/20, 8/2/20.

Qigong In Bed Online Series

Date: Sundays, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2
Times: 10-11:30noon
Fee: $25 per session, or $65 for all three (Currently registered students), $35 per session, or $85 for all three sessions (Non-registered students)

To register, please reply this email by July 16. You may make your payment via Venmo (Lorelei Chang) or check to Lorelei at: 15 Stonehenge Road, Manchester, CT 06074. Classes are not recorded, and minimum of 8 students to start.

Qigong In Bed Online Series is a-GO! The workshop starts this coming Sunday, 7/19, 10-11:30am. There is still space available, and time to register. Please see the description of the work below and reply to this email and let Lorelei know if you are interested in attending the workshop. She is excited to share some authentic Qigong exercises to help you enhance your well-being.

Qigong in bed series

In Chinese, Zuo Wo Gong, means sitting (Zuo) and lying down (Wo) Qigong. We often practice Qigong standing up but for those who are not able to stand or dealing with injury, recovering from surgery or simply don’t feel like it, then Zuo Wo Gong is the best choice and it works just as well! This type of Qigong is also beneficial when practiced before bedtime or after waking up in the morning. When practice before bedtime, it will enhance the quality of your sleep; when practice before get out of bed in the morning, it will energize your body and give you a greater sense of wellbeing as you start the day. Please wear comfortable clothes and have pillows and towels ready for classes.

In these three series of Qigong workshops, you will learn:

-Daoist Qigong breathing technique to enhance your sleep and vitality
-Three, Two, One meridians Qigong form
-Qigong patting routine in bed
-Self Shiatsu-connecting points of the meridians
-How to get down to the floor and get off the floor
-How to effortlessly get in and off the bed
-Acupressure on the face, arms and legs
-Whole body stretches in bed
-Chinese clock, time of day cycle