Double Phoenix Five Element Qigong.
Starts on October 18th, 2020 and occurs every week on Wednesdays.
8 to 9am

Double Phoenix Five Element Qigong
Here, the word “Double” is the Yin and Yang, the
body and soul, and the extraordinary pair of twins,
Lorelei Chang and Mai Nakanishi (Zhang Li &
Zhang Yi). They were born in the year of the Rooster which is better known as the Phoenix in Chinese zodiac; hence, they created the Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong to symbolize their birth. They have dedicated their life time cultivating the art of dance, Qigong and Chinese calligraphy. They are perhaps the one and only
pair of twins in China and the world who infused dance, Qigong and Chinese calligraphy, performing their unique work with live calligraphy paintings.

“Phoenix” is a legendary bird. Its beauty and grace
are often depicted in Chinese art and culture. Lorelei and Mai artistically combine the Phoenix’s imaginary power with the Five Elements theory and one’s body meridians based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and interwove them into this beautiful Qigong form. Their intention is to help people tap into their deep consciousness through this form of Qigong practice and wake up their healing ability. The form is easy yet graceful, simple yet powerful. It flows from one element to the next with beautiful flow. The breathing exercises thread through the form and guide students to connect their internal awareness with external movements.

word “Dance”, “Wu”. This similarity connects the idea of Dance with the Five Elements. Movement is the very first language in our communication. It’s what we used to communicate with our mothers when we were in their wombs. It’s engraved in our cells, in our nervous system, our meridians, muscles, fascia, and tendons. It’s
the very first dance we all did even before we were born. All babies subconsciously wriggled in the womb to communicate with their mothers. Indeed, we knew how to
“speak” with our movements before we can even remember.In this form, we encourage all to explore your own primordial dance language to communicate with your own body, mind, cells, and with others as well as with nature. Through your unique style of movement tap into your world of somatic healing ability.

The Five Elements theory is a Chinese Philosophy describing the interaction and relationship between things. The Five Elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal/Gold and are the basic elements of everything in the universe. The theory of the Five Elements first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (770-475BC). It is widespread in Chinese medicine, philosophy, Feng Shui, fortune telling, and martial arts etc. Each of the five elements has its own
characteristics and is associated with aspects of nature, such as internal organs, directions, emotions, seasons, colors, tastes, different body parts, spiritual animals,
food and etc.

The Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong integrates the characteristics of all the elements, emphasizing on bringing the harmony within the body, mind and heart/spirit with nature. Through exploring Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong practice and embodied movements to help us tap deeply into our potentials and Shen (Spirit) subconscious mind.