White Crane Qigong with Lorelei Chang & Vortex Healing with Susanne Weinman.
June 6th, 2021.

White Crane Qigong with Lorelei Chang & Vortex Healing with Susanne Weinman
Sunday, June 6, 10am-12noon
$35 (For Qi Intelligence and Taijiquan registered students)
$55 (For others)
To register, please email Lorelei Chang at dancenlight@gmail.com

White Crane Qigong with Lorelei Chang

The White Crane Qigong is part of the whole White Crane system, which includes a martial arts system and both soft and hard White Crane Qigong. It was first developed by a woman named Fang, Qi Niang in the 17th
Century A.D. She had learned a Crane style from her father who practiced that form which came from Shaolin Monastery. The legend has it that she observed cranes at the riverside and combined those moves with her father's Crane style to create White Crane.
Lorelei learned the whole system with her dear friend, a Qigong teacher, John Platt. This beautiful form contains total 96 movements which combines with the movement of hands, wrists, torso, head, arms, legs and entire spine work. As you diving this practice, you become the white crane, the softness of whip movements of arms and spine bring you to the state of ease.

What you will be learn from this workshop:
-Fundamental practice set for White Crane created by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
-Reverse abdominal breathing
-Crane neck Gong
-Waving the Fingers Gong
-Side Spreading
-Downward Dropping
-Coiling Gong
-Soothe the Lung Gong

Vortex Healing with Susanne Weinman

Susanne has over 25 years of working in private praxis with various healing arts. For her distance group healings, Susanne is using the most advanced forms of VortexHealing®Divine Energy Healing, which is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing and inner awakening. With all her offerings, her focus is to continuously create opportunities for participants to come out of identifications and outdated conditioning. This then allows for new perspectives, clearer choices, and an arising of a deepened freedom of being.

*The program will be recorded if you cannot attend

Photo by Ron Compton