Zen Heart Like Cloud and Water (Sold)

Zen Heart Like Cloud and Water (Sold)
Zen Heart is (peaceful) as cloud and (pure) as water

Zen philosophy is emphasized on simplicity in life. Zen character on the left radical means clothe, right radical means single or one. You often see Zen monk just wears same piece of cloth every single day. In the character shows the simple thing with no desire of the heart which is a core practice in zen.

This piece of calligraphy, the first character means cloud, second means, water, third means zen, last means heart. Lorelei emphasize the zen by using the lighter ink instead of dark ink, symbolizes that the zen mind is peaceful as cloud and pure as water.

Calligraphy by Lorelei Chang
20.5 (W) x 73 (L)
$486 Plus shipping