Chinese Calligraphy

Lorelei Chang has studied Chinese Calligraphy at age 4 with her father and later on with master teacher, Bi Ke Ying and Xiong Feng. With the encouragement of her arts patrons, Lorelei has begun to create commissioned works for those who wish to have her art in their homes or businesses. Each work of art is designed, hand-painted and signed by Lorelei. To order a one-of-a-kind, Qi-infused calligraphy, please email Lorelei at to order one created especially for you.

Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy (Private, $55 per person per hour )
Chinese calligraphy has five thousand years of history. It's one of the most beautiful ancient art forms that has lasted to this day. It is also known as one of best methods to calm one's heart. Some hospitals use Chinese calligraphy for patients to improve their health. Come join me to learn how brush work can help you bring tranquility into your life.