Longevity Daoist Qigong.
July 10th, 2022.

Longevity Daoist Qigong
Longevity Daoist Qigong
Sunday, July 10th, 2022, 1-2:30pm
Fee: $35 (For currently registered students)
$45 (Others)
Sign up any three or more 90 minutes workshops, get $15 or more discount

The longevity 12 movements Qigong is based on the principles of how Daoist
nourishing one’s life. The exercises imitate the movements of turtle, crane and
other animals, how they stretch their bodies, and incorporate with breath
techniques to ignite human’s Zhen Qi, literally translate the real Qi. This routine
will help the Qi, blood and meridians flows in the body, therefore we achieve to
live a healthy and long life.

It's best if you can practice in the morning, outside in nature, breathing the fresh air and release turbid qi from inside of the body. Face the sun to cultivate Yang energy.

A few key points: whenever move left to breath in; and move to right to breath
out. Head up to breath in, head down to breath out. Breath in through the nose,
breath out through the mouth. The quality of the breath is light, slow, even and

During the exercises, remember body move softly, use Yi, no Li, no forceful
movement, everything is guided by intention. After each movement, stop for 30
seconds to feel the Qi flow, allow the Qi nourishes the body quietly so the Qi
travels to every part of muscles, tendons and bones.

1. Big bird spreads its wings 36x
2. Ape circles its arms 13 x 2 sides
3. Stretching tendons, strengthening bones 3x
4. Body lean back and twist left and right 13 x 2 sides
5. Twisting body left and right 3x 2 sides
6. Head tilts left and right 13 x 2 sides
7. Magical turtle breaths out and in13x
8. Immortal Crane breaths out and breath in 13x
9. Looking left and right 13 x 2 sides
10. Circling the head left and right 13 x 2sides
11. Magical dragon ways it’s tail 3 x
12. Cloud hands 13 x 2 Yin palms, 13 x 2 Yang palms

Please email Lorelei at dancenlightgmail.com to schedule a private or group lessons to study this precious Daoist Qigong.