Body & Brain Fitness with Qi Flow

Body & Brain Fitness with Qi Flow
Body & Mind Fitness with Qi Flow
June 3 to August 5
Mondays: 7am-8amET
$176 for entire 10 weeks (Currently registered students)
$200 for entire 10 weeks (Others)

This exciting 10-week online course combines Qigong, muscle & tendon stretching and strengthening routine and challenging brain movements. It's designed with an intention to increase physical and mental flexibilities, improve cognitive ability, and enhance balance and overall wellbeing.

Let's tap into our body and mind's potential, maximize our ultimate health, and enjoy our best life possible.

All classes will be recorded to share with everyone to support students' daily practice.

What you will learn from this course:

-Stretching exercises from head to toe
-Strengthening upper and lower body 
-Qi waves form created by Lorelei
-Swings for health-A well-known Qigong form, Ping Shuai Gong created by Li Feng Shan
-Brain teasers to enhance our coordination, cognition, memory and concentration
-Taiji 8 movements for balance
-Breathing Meditation
To register, please email, simply contact Lorelei at and make your payment via Venmo (Lorelei-chang) or PayPal (via family and friend)

Photo by Rich Davis