New Year Qigong.
January 1st, 2021.
10:30am to 11:30am

New Year Qigong
There will be a special dance performance offered after the Qigong session. Each participant will receive a personalized calligraphy book- mark with your name in Chinese and charged with Qi from Lorelei as her new year's gift to YOU!

To register, please contact Lorelei at You may pay via Venmo or check mailed to Lorelei.

Photo by Jeff Holcombe

Let's start the year 2021 with connecting our abundant Qi field and set a good intention for ourselves and the world! After tremendous challenges of dealing with Covid-19 throughout the world, we have a much deeper understanding of what is the most important aspect of our lives. Having vibrant health is essential. I hope we gather the treasures of our experiences in 2020, and come together cultivate our health via one of the most powerful tools of Chinese ancient healing arts, Qigong to stay well and enjoy abundance of life.

Lorelei will be sharing some Dao Jia Gong (Daoist Qigong), Qigong for immunity, and Dao Wu Taiji, and a simple ritual to celebrate new year, connect our Qi with Heaven & Earth, connect with our Qi community and set a good intention for one self and others for the year 2021.