Joy,Tranquility, Dream, Zen(from L to R)

Joy,Tranquility, Dream, Zen(from L to R)
1. Joy/music. Le/Yue. The top part of the word shows silk strings stretched across a wooden frame, representing a gushing(Chinese zither). Some interpret the center part showing a circle with a horizontal line as representing the mouth of a singer. In either case, music is being played, and this makes both the performers and the audience joyous.

2.Dream. Meng. The two cross shapes above the rectangular symbol for "eye" indicate that the eyes are closed. Below is an enclosing shape, indicating someone curled up asleep. Inside this shape is the sign for "night." One is curled asleep at night, dreaming. When we awaken and are able to see clearly, what will it be like.

3.Stillness. Jing, silence or tranquility. On the left side is the character for "purity." On the right side is the phonetic meaning "competition" through the depiction of two wrangling hands. The word for "purity" also implies clarity and transparency and, by extension, here means that the competition on the right is diminished to nearly nothing. Stillness comes when there is a cessation of competition.

4.Zen. Chan. On the left side of the character is the word for "clothing." On the right is the character for "simple" which represents simple life. "less is more" as Zen principle.

Text by Deng Ming-Dao
Calligraphy by Lorelei Chang

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