Bright, Ming in all five scripts (not available)

Bright, Ming in all five scripts (not available)
Bright/Illumination/light, Ming

The character Ming is the combination of sun, and moon. Sun and Moon also represent Yin(Moon) and Yang(Sun). Moon without sun has no light, remind us to recognize and remember our source while beaming, be gentle and mindful when shining in the light, the light that you share is the reflection of the light of your source, then source of love that where is the source of all. -Lorelei Chang

Here shows five different scripts of the character Ming, follow the Five Element concept and evolution of the character from the oldest script, Zhuan Shu, where the "water" element starts, to the "wood" element, Li Shu, then the "fire" element, Xing Shu, last one in the circle, the "Metal" element, Cao Shu. In the center, it's the most commonly used the script in the modern time, Kai Shu represents the "Earth element.

Calligraphy by Lorelei Chang
8.5 (W) x 11 (L), paper size

$150 (frame is not included) plus shipping