Dance With Qi

Dance With Qi
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All of us know how to intelligently move our bodies even before we have the memory when we were in our mothers' womb. We wiggled our body to communicate with our mothers, we learned how to understand her thoughts and emotions through sensing her movements. This class offers an insightful way to bring us back to that deep knowing by listening, moving our bodies with awareness and trust. As we connecting body, mind, and spirit through Qi dances, we find our authentic body language and connect to our body' nature and landscape what Chinese called Zi Ran (natural and spontaneous movement).

What you will learn in this class:

-How to use breath to support the movement
-Understanding the intelligence of the body
-Sensing the qi in the body
-Using the intention to move the body instead of using muscular strength
-Stretch and strengthen
-Self healing with acupressure points
-Free flow
-Self confidence
-How to relax the body after the workout

Lorelei hopes that through these practices students will have more self confidence and strength to balance their lives, most importantly, students will be having a great sense of well-being and feeling physically, mentally and emotionally nourished.

Photo by Zo Macerollo