Creative Movement & Qigong For Kids Coming Soon

Creative Movement & Qigong For Kids Coming Soon
Ages 8 and up

Location: Zoom
Date & Time: Coming soon
$20 per class per person
$68 per monthly per class per person

This class currently is not available. Please feel free to sign up my newsletter by emailing Lorelei at, she will keep you posted.

Lorelei has been teaching kids Creative Movement and Modern Dance for over 25 years. She often use Qigong exercises to challenge their imaginations and introduce this ancient Chinese healing arts to her young students.

Kids are so open to the new things and concepts, Qigong is a great way to balance their busy life and multi-tasks demanding world. In this zoom class, the kids get to learn Five Animal Frolics, play Qi games, exploring different ways of expressing the concept of nature such as water, trees, birds, mountains, clouds etc. Through Qigong learning, students improve their over-all health and wellbeing, balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and ability to focus on everything they do.

Class includes: warm up routine, Taiji dance, Qigong exercises, Free exploring of movements, stretch and meditation.