Qi Hua Gong With Live Music

Qi Hua Gong With Live Music
Qi Hua Gong With Live Music

Onsite & Online. Recording will be shared
February 12, 1-3pmEDT

Location: 978 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT 06074
Fee: $55 (Currently registered students)
$75 (Others)Celebrating

We often about the Qi in Qigong practice, rarely mention about “Hua” the transformational process in order to allow our body to absorb the Qi. In order to receive Qi, we must understand how to transform to maximize the benefit of your Qigong practice.

“Hua” (?), the character shows the transformation aspect in Qigong and any other arts through intentional (Yi) and persistent practice. Oracle bone inscription explains the character with two people back to back, one is upright, one is upside down. It symbolizes that through intentional practice, we can make transformational change in our body, mind and spirt.

Our guest, Shiatsu & Qigong teacher, Nini Melvin and Lorelei Chang join heart/minds to share with you this simple, potent qigong form along with live music by Suan Armstrong. We will explore how the elements move through our meridians, connecting us to earth and sky, center and heart and how to Hun Hua, alchemically process the Qi.  We build our strength, immunity and community as we aligning and interconnect our personal energy field with the greater universal field. Feel better every day with this transformational, easy to practice and rich form!

Guest Teacher: Nini Melvin
Nini Melvin created a nature-based healing art, HUMANATURE, blending Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, and Qigong. She teaches Asian Healing theories and perspectives through embodied movement experiences, including meridians, pressure points, the five elemental phases and the Time-of-Day Cycle.
Nini has been teaching shiatsu since 1985, and teaches locally and internationally, in person and online. Her studio, Meridians - Pathways to The Heart, is in Northampton, Massachusetts.
She created a five-element shiatsu book and divination deck, HUMANATURE – Pathways to Personal and Planetary Healing and charts of the meridians, extensions, diagnostic areas and points. Nini's website: ninimelvin.com Please contact Nini for more information. ninimelvin@gmail.com

Guest Musician: Suan Armstrong
Bio to be posted soon