Swimming Dragon Qigong

Swimming Dragon Qigong
Swimming Dragon Qigong
Onsite & Online. Recording will be shared
March 12, 1-3pmEDT

Location: 978 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT 06074
Fee: $55 (Currently registered students)
$75 (Others)Celebrating

Green Dragon rises from the East in the cosmology of ancient Chinese’s belief. Dragon is one of the only imaginary animals in the Chinese’s 12 zodiacs. It symbolizes power, strength and intelligence.

Swimming Dragon Qigong is a short form, practiced standing in place, imitates a dragon swimming in the sea and flying up to the vast sky through the clouds. The coiling and serpent-like movements help your body’s internal Qi to connect every part of the spine, every layer of the facia, muscles and joints. It’s known as one of the most popular Qigong exercises due its effectiveness on regulating appetite, balance hormones and mobilize fats and toxins into lymphatic drainage. When practice repeatedly for 20 minutes daily, it rejuvenates joints and promote vitality. It’s a GREAT Qigong workout!

Lorelei learned the Swimming Dragon Qigong from her dear friend, a well trained martial artist, Owen Benefield. She is deeply grateful for his generosity of sharing this precious Daoist Qigong.