Double Phoenix Five Element Qigong II taught in Chinese

Double Phoenix Five Element Qigong II taught in Chinese
This course is taught by Lorelei Chang in Chinese language.

The Five Elements theory is a Chinese Philosophy describing the interaction and relationship between things. The Five Elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal/Gold and are the basic elements of everything in the universe. The theory of the Five Elements first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (770-475BC). It is widespread in Chinese medicine, philosophy, Feng Shui, fortune telling, and martial arts etc. Each of the five elements has its own characteristics and is associated with aspects of nature, such as internal organs, directions, emotions, seasons, colors, tastes, different body parts, spiritual animals,
food and etc.

The Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong level II further integrates the characteristics of all the elements, emphasizing on bringing the harmony within the body, mind and heart/spirit with nature. Through exploring Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong practice and embodied movements to help us tap deeply into our potentials and Shen (Spirit) subconscious mind.

Curriculum outline:

What do you expect to learn in this seven-month

-Qigong principles
-Study various Qigong forms
-Origin of the Five Elements
-How does the Five Elements relate to nature and self?
-What are the twelve primary meridians in the body?
-The process of Qigong movements to improve physical
strength, emotional overall well-being and spiritual
connection to higher force
-Awakening of cellular consciousness
-Exploring different ways of moving and the use of
movement as medicine
-Once a month session of Q & A with a short Qigong
-Time of day cycle
-Self care with Qigong practice
-A taste of Chen style Taijiquan