Qi Hua Gong Workshop

Qi Hua Gong Workshop
Qi Hua Gong
with Nini Melvin and Lorelei Chang
Live Music by Suan Armstrong

To purchase recording, please contact Lorelei at dancenlight@gmail.com
Fee: $55 (Currently registered students)
        $75 (Others)

Nini Melvin and Lorelei Chang will join hearts and minds to share with you this simple, potent Qigong form. "Hua" is the transformational process that allows the body to absorb the Qi. Understanding this maximizes the benefit of our Qigong practice. Feel better every day with this transformational, easy to practice form!

This simple form guides us to:

Dissolve our sense of separation by moving earth and sky Qi through our being, illuminating our central channel.

Integrate our form and formlessness, by interconnecting our personal field with the infinite.

Melt obstacles that block us from our vitality, wholeness and well-being.

Build our strength, immunity and community

Guest Teacher: Nini Melvin

Nini Melvin created a nature-based healing art, HUMANATURE, blending Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, and Qigong. She teaches Asian Healing theories and perspectives through embodied movement experiences, including meridians, pressure points, the five elemental phases and the Time-of-Day Cycle.
Nini has been teaching shiatsu since 1985, and teaches locally and internationally, in person and online. Her studio, Meridians - Pathways to The Heart, is in Northampton, Massachusetts.
She created a five-element shiatsu book and divination deck, HUMANATURE – Pathways to Personal and Planetary Healing and charts of the meridians, extensions, diagnostic areas and points. Nini's website: ninimelvin.com Please contact Nini for more information. ninimelvin@gmail.com

Guest Musician: Suan Armstrong

Suan Armstrong is a Doctor of Medical Qigong through Inner Strength with Dr. Ted Cibik, a professional member of the National Qigong Association, a practicing Qigong instructor and therapeutic flutist. She weaves sound, color and Qigong together to balance and enhance the natural healing ability of the body, mind and spirit.

In January 2022 Suan was honored to open the New Year with the National Qigong Association Qi Talks in an interview on Lyme disease and a sound healing meditation. She has been a guest artist and sound/color healer at Kripalu Yoga Center, MA; Domaine Des Courmettes, France; Agape, CA; and the Omega Institute, NY. Suan continues to share her love of Qigong, sound and color, and the high vibrational frequencies of these practices in weekly classes, workshops and concerts, online and in person.