Qi Intelligence I (24 Classes)

Qi Intelligence I (24 Classes)
Ni Hao Qigong Peng You! Hello Qi friends!

Welcome to Qi Intelligence!! It’s wonderful to see you here. There is an old Chinese saying, “Fate put us together”, You Yuan Xiang Hui in Chinese. Please accept my Qi hug for our meeting and re-connecting! I am thrilled to share some of my favorite Qigong practices and Taiji Quan with you in this journey. Thank you for your interest!

Description of the course:

1. Qi Intelligence

Qi is intelligence. Ancient Chinese discovered it thousands of years ago. Qigong is an ancient and holistic healing system used for the purpose to prevent illness while maintaining good health. In Chinese mind, Qi is the substantial force for all living beings. Qigong was kept as a secret for a long time in ancient China because it’s so powerful. While we are so fortunate to be able to access this “gift” in various ways, it’s important to understand how to cultivate this beautiful art form to fully support our health.

In this course, Lorelei will be teaching one of her favorite and most practiced Qigong forms, the Intelligent Qigong, also known as Zhineng Qigong in Chinese. Zhi means Wisdom or Intelligence, Neng means abilities; Zhineng together means ability to accumulate the energy of intelligence and increase one's level of wisdom. Intelligent Qigong was created by Master Pang He Ming. He created Zhineng Qigong based on the Hunyuan theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians of the body. It's a form of medical qigong combined with Buddhist and Daoist qigong. In 1997, out of 21 different types of Qigong, Intelligent Qigong was rated the most effective qigong to improve health by the China State Sports General Administration. It's one of the most practiced Qigong forms in modern time.

Lorelei has been practicing Qigong and Taiji Quan for more than 30 years now. Intelligent Qigong is one of the Qigong forms that she practices religiously everyday. It’s also one of the most effective Medical Qigong forms that help her heal her dance injuries. With over 40 years of dance experience along with her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Shiatsu, all have helped Lorelei understand Intelligent Qigong and Taiji Quan to a much higher level. She is excited to share this ancient Qigong and Taiji Quang practice with all. Participants will learn: Zhineng Qigong and Taiji Quan theory, basic Yang and Chen styles break-down movements, Intelligent Qigong level 1, “Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down” form, and all related acupuncture points along with breathing technique and meditation.  
My purpose of teaching Qigong is to help people stay health while honoring my ancestors and culture. This beautiful ancient art form is meant to be shared with all and to reduce human sufferings and keep all of us in vibrant health.

Here’s the outline of the course:

-What is Intelligent Qigong
-The creator of the Intelligent Qigong
-Intelligent Qigong level 1, lift qi up pour qi down form; including the opening section, sections 1, 2, 3 and the closing section
-What is Hun Yuan Qi
-Eight phrases of centering
-Acupuncture points related to Intelligent Qigong form
-Taiji warm up
-Yi Quan-Zhan Zhuang in five different positions
-Five methods of Yi Quan Walking Meditation

Fee: $360 for 24 lessons (20% off for those who have taken it before)
$288 for 24 lessons (20% off for those who have taken this course before)
$27 single class

Photo by Jeff Holcombe