Qi Intelligence II (24 Classes)

Qi Intelligence II (24 Classes)
Xing Shen Zhuang is the second level of intelligent (Zhineng) Qigong which focus on training the body strength to improve our health. I call it Qi fitness. It balances level one, Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa and covers Jing, Qi & Shen, three levels' cultivation. The Xing Shen Zhuang has a few characteristics:

1. The form is challenging, and it connects body and mind with Shen (spirit) through ten sets of movements.

2. Focus on moving ligaments, internal Qi movement, small joints and joints that seldom move in our normal usage of the body. The qi can be activated faster, and it can reach to the hair, skin, and fingertips.

3. Body merges with spirit and Qi through relaxed state with full awareness. Movements are slow and soft, internally circular motion with externally clear shapes. The idea is to focus on the wholeness when move any parts of the body, moving like cobra, power within, searching quietness in movement.

The effects of this exercise are:

1. Stretch muscles and bones, strengthen body shape and body shape;

2. Relax the body, smooth the meridians, and activate the true qi(Zhen Qi) to facilitate opening and closing of the orifice;

3. Easier to form and gain wisdom, it is the ladder of deep study of qigong.

What you will learn:

-Review and refine the Intelligent(shining) Qigong level 1, Life Qi Up, Pour Qi Down
-The Intelligent(Zhineng) Qigong level 2, Body Mind Form, Xing Shen Zhuang

1.Crane head and dragon head, qi surging up to the sky (He Shou Long Tou Qi Chong Tian)
2. Contract shoulders and neck, open arms and shoulders (Han Jian Suo Xiang Tong Bi Jian)
3. palms vertical aligned, separate fingers, open Jingmai (Li Zhang Fen Zhi Chang Jing Mai)
4. Qi and mind surging, strengthening arms and ribs (Qi Yi Gu Dang Bi Lei Jian)
5.Bow body arch back open Dumai (Fu Shen Gong Yao Song Du Mai)
6. Turn waist, swirl hips, draw qi back to Dantian
7. Feet in a line, open hip joints and sacroiliac joints (Ping Zu Kai Kua Fen Qian Hou)
8. Kneel to the feet, three joints connected ( Xi Gui Zu Mian San Jie Lian)
9. Push out legs, flex feet, draw taiji (Tan Tui Qiao Zu Miao Tai Ji)
10. Return qi to one, turn Hunyuan (Hui Qi Gui Yi Zhuan Hun Yuan)

In addition, Lorelei will be sharing Chinese culture, Chinese characters
and important points in the body that are used in the Body and Mind Form.

$360 for 24 lessons (20% off for those who have taken it before)
$288 for 24 lessons (20% off for those who have taken this course before)
$27 single class