Qigong & Chair Yoga

Qigong & Chair Yoga
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Lorelei has taught Chair Yoga class at the South Windsor Senior Center for nearly 20 years. In the recent years, she has infused Qigong healing with Yoga to help her senior students expand their knowledge on self-healing, Classical Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. All of her students enjoy learning new exercises as well as ancient Chinese healing arts and culture.

The class includes Qigong and Yoga breathing techniques, simple yet profound Qigong movement and Yoga stretches, self healing technique with acupressure points, body meridians and sound healing. It's a fun class to join.

All of these classes you can pick one to five to enjoy. Please see the fee info below. To register to view the classes, please contact Lorelei Chang at dancenlight@gmail.com

Fee: $15 (Current registered students), $25 (Others)

Please contact Lorelei at dancenlight@gmail.com to get your class link