Qigong for Eyes, Ears, Nose, Head and Hands Series (Two 90 mins workshops)

Qigong for Eyes, Ears, Nose, Head and Hands Series (Two 90 mins workshops)
These series of workshops were taught live on zoom, now are available to purchase to view via YouTube.

To purchase, please contact Lorelei at dancenlight@gmail.com. She will share the link with you once your payment is made. You will have one whole week to enjoy the video.

Fee: $45 for two 90 minutes workshops, (Special rate for the currently registered students)
$65 for two 90 minutes workshops (Regular rate for others)

We are constantly staring at the computer or use iPhones these days. Many people are experiencing headaches, migraine, eye fatigue, hands or fingers related health issues. This workshop will impart some very useful Qigong exercises to help your head, eyes and the whole body to relax and clear tensions in those areas. Lorelei designed an easy-to-learn Qigong routine to support the health of your wellbeing.

In these three series of Qigong workshops, you will learn:

-Liver and Gall Bladder cleansing Qigong
-Qigong for the eyes
-Double Phoenix Five Elements Qigong for the eyes
-Pa Da Gong (Patting routine)
-Facial Massage
-Acupressure on Liver and Gall Bladder meridians
-Self Shiatsu-Five Elements meridians connecting points
-Daoist Qigong pratices


Today’s practice was amazing!
I have recently been diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome
It mostly affects my eyes now - they are very dry and I’ve been working to make them better for six months with a terrific ophthalmologist 
However the thing I am very scared about is that I could lose my salivary glands ??
When I did the practice this morning my saliva glands were working well indeed !!