Swimming Dragon I & II Workshops

Swimming Dragon I & II Workshops
Swimming Dragon Qigong I & II
(The entire package includes two workshops with total 3.5 hours live recordings, PDF booklet, and a recording link of the entire Swimming Dragon warms up and the routine)


$146 (For students who have taken it before, with an additional $25 off when purchased before 3/1/24)

$176(Others, with an additional $25 off when purchased before 3/1/24)

Green Dragon rises from the East in the cosmology of ancient Chinese’s belief. Dragon is one of the only imaginary animals in the Chinese’s 12 zodiacs. Dragon symbolizes power, strength and intelligence, as well as benevolent in Chinese culture. It is supposed to control over water phenomenon. This mythical summoning rain during a drought. Dragons are adored by Chinese and are seen everywhere in China — in legends, festivals, astrology, art, names, and idioms.

Swimming Dragon Qigong is a short form, practiced standing in place, imitates a dragon swimming in the sea and flying up to the vast sky through the clouds. The coiling and serpent-like movements help your body’s internal Qi to connect every part of the spine, every layer of the facia, muscles and joints. It’s known as one of the most popular Qigong exercises due its effectiveness on regulating appetite, balancing hormones and mobilizing fats and toxins into lymphatic drainage. When practice repeatedly for 20 minutes daily, it rejuvenates joints and promote vitality. It’s a GREAT Qigong workout!

I have seen many people doing the Swimming Dragon before I actually learned the form a few years ago from a dear Qigong friend, and well cultivated Qigong and Taijiquan teacher, Owen Benefield. I have to say, when I actually learned the Swimming Dragon form, I realized that it looked like a completely different form than what I saw before. This experience reminded me of two things. First, having an authentic teacher is very important; knowing the source is clean and accurate is vital for your learning and practice. Secondly, cultivation shows in your work. You have to practice enough to understand some of most intricate movements, theory and inner work, then you will do a good job demonstrating the form. 

Swimming Dragon is a very short Qigong routine. We normally repeat it 20 times (or more) when practicing daily to generate internal Qi flow. This strong “inner dragon force” will help you literally move the blood and cleanse your system. Although the form is short, the routine is quite complex and contains so many details. It requires a high level of understanding the body’s mechanical movement, and mostly importantly, the internal work which requires a much deeper level of cultivation. 

I am so excited to share this beautiful and unique form of Qigong. I hope with my understanding and practice under the wonderful instruction and guidance of my teacher, I can give you a solid and accurate form.

I am excited about the live music that will be provided by my dear friend, Qigong practitioner and an exquisite musician, Suan Armstrong. I trust that her beautiful live music will make a magical experience for you. 

In this workshop you will learn:

-What is Swimming Dragon Qigong

-History of Dragon mythology in Daoist perspective

-Why “Swimming”

-Preliminary exercises 

-Breakdown instruction on how head, ribs, hips, Dan Tian, legs, feet, arms and hands move. 

-Daoist theory on Green Dragon and Liver Qi

-Swimming Dragon in relationship to our Spirit

-How to use this unique form to help body detox

-Video sharing to inspire student’s learning

-Beautiful live music by Suan Armstrong to support qi effect and learning

-Chinese Calligraphy in Dragon and energy pattern 

-Practice together with live music

-Introduce her Swimming Dragon teacher

Lorelei would like to express her deep gratitude to Owen Benefield. She is very grateful for his brilliant teachings, and generosity of sharing of this precious Daoist Qigong.

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