White Crane Soft Qigong (6 Classes)

White Crane Soft Qigong (6 Classes)
This six week series of classes are emphasize on White Crane Soft form with graceful and gentle movement yet powerful internal work to generate the heart and lung Qi, enhance kidney vitality.

There are many benefits of White Crane Qigong...

-Helps to develop strength in the legs for balance,
-Sense of lightness and agility with whole body movement
-Cools down heart fire and relaxes body
-Increases ligaments and muscles flexibilities
-Fluidity of the spine
-strengths the heart organ system and benefits the circulation and lungs.
-Gentle flow and easy to learn
-Recording will be shared to support student's self cultivation

What you will learn from the White Crane Qigong:

Week one: Opening the heart and moving the Lung Qi

Week two: Develop strength in the legs for balance

Week three: Sensing the inner qi field in result of feeling the spaciousness, lightness and agility with whole body movement

Week four: Increase the inner awareness to connect outer qi field

Week five: Strengthen the heart organ and benefit the circulation

Week six: Gentle flow

Each session will be sent electronically when payment is made via Venmo or Paypal. You can choose to get the links or having the recordings on a flash drive and mail it to you with additional $10

$120 for the entire series (For those who have taken this course before)
$150 for the entire series (Others)
$27 single class

Lorelei studied The White Crane soft form qigong with John Platt who is seasoned Qigong teacher. Lorelei would like to express her gratitude to John for sharing this beautiful qigong form with her. She promise to continue share her joy of learning the white crane with whoever comes to her path.

Students' Feedback:
I loved the White Crane session. The movements feel so natural, expansive and graceful - not my normal feelings. I enjoyed not thinking so hard but more feeling. It was a wonderful ten weeks.