Meridians landscape & Acupressure Qigong -Transformative Self-Healing (24 Classes)

Meridians landscape & Acupressure Qigong -Transformative Self-Healing (24 Classes)
Meridians landscape & Acupressure Qigong -Transformative Self-Healing
24 sessions recorded during live teaching

Everyone has heard the saying: “You are your own best doctor.” Yes, indeed! We are our own best healer, in other words, our body has a great potential to heal if we give ourselves a permission to fully trust this very idea. Our body’s ability to heal is beyond our belief.

To understand our own body, mind and emotion is the first step of healing. This six month weekly course includes a total of 24 sessions of in-depth studies on Meridians Qigong & Acupressure for self healing. We will be focusing on using Qigong, meditation and acupressure points to support self healing on some of the most common ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and etc. We will be learning how to harmonize our body, mind and spirit with nature’s rhythm and understanding how to use the Chinese clock, Zi Wu Liu Zhu to enhance our health system.

Lorelei has put together this course based on her life time cultivation through dance, her understanding of body and movement, in addition, her past years of studies of Chinese classic medicine and Five Elements Shiatsu with her beloved teachers, Nini Melvin and Lonny Jarrett. She is skillfully combines these modalities to re-organize our body so that we can reach to our ultimate health, our body, mind and heart/shen/spirit will be in harmony align with nature to serve us to our highest good.

What you will learn:
-Vortex dance
-Organize the body structure with micro movements
-Brain quantum healing meditation
-12 Primary Meridians in-depth studies
-Self healing touch
-Acupressure techniques for common ailments
-Five Elements
-Jing Well points on hands and feet
-Ying-Spring Points on 12 meridians
-Shu-Stream Points
-Jing-River Points
-He-Sea Points
-Five Phase Correspondences
-Yuan-Source Points on 12 meridians
-Major extraordinary vessels
-Simplified 12 meridian Qigong form
-12 Meridians affirmation

$384 per course (Current registered students)
$436 (Any returning students who have taken any 6 month length courses before)
$466 (New students)