Biological Clock & Meridian Qigong I (24 Classes)

Biological Clock & Meridian Qigong I (24 Classes)
The biological clock is a “time of day cycle” which is also called “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” in Chinese. It is a law of resonance between man and nature discovered by ancient Chinese medicine sages. It is based on the overall concept of the unity of nature and man, and the concept of natural rhythm.

We modern people divide a day into 24 hours, while in ancient China people divide a day into 12 segments of time which they called “Shi Chen”, each “Shi Chen” has name and associated animal: Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, Hai. Each Shi Chen is equivalent to two hours length in modern times. The “Zi Wu" refers to the hour. Zi is the hour from 11pm to 1am, and “Wu” means “noon”, which means from 11am to 13pm. The words “Liu”, means “flow” refers to the state of changes in the movement of the body's qi and blood specifically refers to comparing the circulation of qi and blood in the twelve meridians of the human body. So, how does qi and blood flow in the meridians? The ancients believed that the flow was in the order of “well, ying, shu, jing, he” points.

This biological clock is an orderly connection of the rise and fall of the twelve meridians of a person in 24 hours, and through the matching relationship between the body’s internal organs and the twelve meridians. It predicts the qi and blood of a certain zang(Yin organ) fu(Yang organ) internal organs. The ups and downs of a certain hour are interlocking, and the treatment and health preservation are carried out according to the rise or decline of the qi and blood, so that the treatment and health preservation are more targeted, so as to achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

“Zi Wu Liu Zhu”, means that the twelve meridians in the human body correspond to the twenty four hours of the day. As the time changes, the blood in different meridians also rises and falls at different times. Human beings are an integral part of nature, and their living habits should conform to the laws of nature. Modern time biology proves that human life phenomena and physiological activities have relatively stable time rhythms, including seasons, circadian rhythms and other rhythms.

In this six-month online course, Lorelei will be teaching you a set of Zi Wu Liu Zhu meridian qigong that she designed based on these principles and ideas, explaining the close relationship in between the nature of our mini universe of our body, mind and spirit and the large cosmos. She hopes that with these wholeness approach will help you understand how closely integrate with nature and resonate at the same frequency to help us absorb energy from nature to support our vitality.

This unique meridian Qigong is designed with an intention to suit all levels. Lorelei is very excited to share this with all in public for the first time. All classes will be taught on zoom and recorded to share with all to support the students’ learning during the week. Those who finish the entire course will be receiving a certificate for completing the Biological Clock Meridian Qigong certificate.

What you will learn:

-What is the biological clock
-The relationship between nature and self
-Taijiquan warm up
-12 primary meridians
-Meridians & matching organs
-Conception and Governing vessels
-Zi Wu Zhu Liu Meridian Qigong
-Seasonal Qigong
-Yin Yang Zang Fu
-Meridians & Acupuncture points used in the form
-Jing, Ying, Shu, Jing, He points
-Eight Extraordinary Vessels
-Eight Extraordinary Vessels Qigong
-Chinese culture Characters
-Understanding the Chinese terms for important points of the body


$364 for the entire 24 sessions (20% off for those who have taken the course)
$20 Single class(You have 2 weeks to access the link)
$35 purchase the single class (Lorelei will send you the video via email)