Understanding Daoist sacred body with Yang Sheng Gong (Part 1, 24 Classes)

Understanding Daoist sacred body with Yang Sheng Gong (Part 1, 24 Classes)
Yang Sheng means “Nourishing life”; this very idea has been in the Chinese
language, thought, culture and cuisine for thousand of years. It is based on how to harmonize with nature of Dao.

The Chinese way of nourishing life was heavily influenced by Lao Zi. As Baolin Wu said” His(Laozi) teachings were the culmination of thousands of years of primordial shamanic insight and the foundation of all that was yet to come”. Laozi has given us the massive gift of Dao De Jing and Chinese people have been following his “way”, and living in his guidance of the Dao even in the modern time.

The Daoist practice emphasizes promoting the health-preserving way of living through daily cultivation. The forms are often simple and profound, but challenging in a way due to the many repetitions of the simple movement. Through the persistent practice, they obtain the vitality of the body and tranquility of the heart and mind, even reversing old age to living a healthy and long life without major diseases. When one cultivates the Dao well, they will leave the earth realm easily and quickly when their time is up, often without much suffering from the dis-ease.

Understanding Daoist sacred body with the Yang Sheng Gong course will introduce a variety of Daoist Yang Sheng Qigong forms. These forms will nourish the essence and strengthen the foundation of health, restore vitality, build better a immune system while following the rhythm of nature, five elements, channels of the body meridians and some unique tools of self healing.

What you will learn in this course:

-Longevity 12 movement Qigong

-Daoist Yang Sheng Gong Zhan Zhuang

-Song Shen Fa, relaxing body method

-Five Element Double Phoenix Qigong

-Meridian Qigong

-Heaven and Earth Circling Gong

-Daoist texts

-Chinese culture

-Chinese cuisine recipes for nourishing life

-Daoist Qi calligraphy

-Certification will be issued when finish 24 weeks

$376 per course (Current registered students, 20% off for those who have taken the course)
$436 (New students)
$27 Single class is available throughout the course

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