Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine
Movement Medicine (Online Live Class)
Date & Time: Mondays, 7:15amET
March 18 to May 20

We all know how to dance even before we can remember when we are in our mothers' womb. We wiggles our body to communicate with our mothers, we learn how to understand her through sensing her movements. This class offers an insightful way to bring us back to that deep knowing by listening, moving our bodies with awareness and trust. As we connecting mind, body and spirit through Qi dances, we find our authentic body language and connect to nature self what Chinese calls Zi Ran (natural and spontaneous movement).

You will be learning a whole set of health practice in both standing and lying down positions so that you can easily apply to your daily life from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you closes your eye before sleep. Once we apply Qigong in our moment to moment of daily life, we will have a "golden" health habit to keep us balanced.

What you will learn in this class/workshop:

-A whole set of Health practice in standing and lying down position
-Intuitive stretch & listening to our body's responses
-Qigong Daoist Qigong practice
-Breathing technique
-Connect to our intelligence of the body through movement
-Sensing internal qi in the body
-Free flow
-Self healing with acupressure points


$146 for the entire 10 sessions (Currently registered students)
$174 for the entire 10 sessions (Others)
$20 Single