Qi Fitness (10 classes)

Qi Fitness (10 classes)
What is your first thought when you hear the word “fitness”? What did you picture yourself doing in your mind? If you picture yourself doing an exercise vigorously, sweating and moving fast, you’re probably not the only one that interprets the "fitness" this way. However, Qi fitness is quite the opposite. It often means you have to slow down with mindful movement. Although the hard qigong is pretty aggressive in some ways, the Gong Fu skill is cultivated from slowness.

In this 10 week Qi fitness class, we are going to dive deep into the Qigong exercises. Through repetition and proficient time, it will allow us to truly experience the Qi effects. Movements can be simple and profound with a good Qi result! We will focus on cultivating “Yi Xin Yi Yi”, meaning single-heartedly, single mindfully, with each exercise.

The character, “Gong” means practice, skill, cultivation. It contains two parts; The left radical means “work”, while the right radical means “power”. Power is coming from hard work and repetitions. Sometimes, a same movement can be practiced for months or even years to build up the gongfu.

We will be practicing Qigong forms while focusing on "RE-"

-Rebirth a Qi baby: Cultivating Dantian Qi to generate Yang Qi/energy

-Rejuvenating our energy by diving deep into our simple and profound qigong practice

-Renewing our cells of the body through qiful movement

-Restoring our Jing, Qi, Shen

-Reconnecting with our roots:

-Replenishing internal organs

-Re-envisioning our health goal

-Releasing turbid energetic dusts through deep and gentle stretches, shaking and patting exercises

-Returning to our youthful vitality

-Rest: learning how to nourish our vitality

Come join Lorelei for this refreshing new Qigong routine to detox and renew your body, mind and spirit, and welcome the spring season.

Each session will be sent electronically when payment is made via Venmo or Paypal

Each session will be sent electronically when payment is made via Venmo or Paypal. You can choose to get the links or having the recordings on a flash drive and mail it to you with additional $10

$200 when purchase for the entire series (For those who have taken this course before)
$250 when purchase for the entire series (Others)
$27 when purchase for a single session

To register, please contact Lorelei at dancenlight@gmail.com
You may pay Lorelei via Venmo or Check.


I loved this morning's class.  It was so gentle and flowing.  Sometimes when there is a lot a body waves, I over do it and then have a sore back.  Today was just perfect.  I also really enjoyed last week's class on the hands.  This is a particularly good session for me.  Thank you.
You have had a large role in helping me move to a much better place mentally.  Acceptance is such a large part of feeling better.  Knowing that I am learning and growing is calming.  You have been such an example and mentor, thank you.
Sending hugs,

Photo by Jeff Holcombe