Sunset Qigong For Releasing Grief

Sunset Qigong For Releasing Grief
Let the ocean's Qi guide us to this healing journey and help us move our internal tensions and heavy emotions caused by current life's events outward, and see them leaving us as we watch the sun sets.  Breathing with our heart and lung, inviting the flow of Qi that lifts us up with consciousness, letting go all that are no longer serve our wellbeing.

The part of Qigong Lorelei will be sharing with all is "Qigong for Grief" and the full version of the form is professionally typed on DVD and it's currently available to purchase. Please contact Lorelei at for more info. 

What you will learn from this workshop:

-Qigong to release grief 

-Breathing technique

-Clearing the Lungs patting routine

-Double Phoenix Five Element Qigong (Lung form)
-Balancing the Fire Element (Heart) with the Metal Element (Lung)

-Nourishing the Yin energy 

-Sound Meditation under the moon light


Fee: $20 (For currently registered students)
$28 (For others)