Qigong For Wellbeing Series

Qigong For Wellbeing Series
Qigong For Well-being
-Qigong exercises for everyday life issues

Each session of this 10 week Qigong series will be focusing on a different body part. Through a variety of Qigong forms, sound healing, acupressure and Shiatsu self healing to re-organize the body's "qi molecules" , align Jing, Qi Shen.

Week 1: Qigong for healthy brain

Week 2: Qigong for five sensory organs

Week 3: Qigong for releasing lower back pain

Week 4: Qigong for a more agile neck

Week 5: Qigong for relieving shoulders pain

Week 6: Qigong for flexible hands

Week 7: Qigong for supple spine

Week 8: Qigong for strong legs

Week 9: Qigong for happy feet

Week 10: Qigong for well-being

Each session will be sent electronically when payment is made via Venmo or Paypal

$27 for single session
$25 per when purchase three sessions or more
$200 for the entire series ($150 for those who have taken the course already)

Photo by Jeff Holcombe