Qigong For Wellbeing Series - Online Class

Qigong For Wellbeing Series - Online Class

Qigong For Well-being -Qigong exercises for everyday life issues

Each session of this 10 week Qigong series will be focusing on a different body part. Through a variety of Qigong forms, sound healing, acupressure and Shiatsu self healing to re-organize the body's "qi molecules" , align Jing, Qi Shen.

Week 1: Qigong for healthy brain

Week 2: Qigong for five sensory organs

Week 3: Qigong for releasing lower back pain

Week 4: Qigong for a more agile neck

Week 5: Qigong for relieving shoulders pain

Week 6: Qigong for flexible hands

Week 7: Qigong for supple spine

Week 8: Qigong for strong legs

Week 9: Qigong for happy feet

Week 10: Qigong for well-being

Each session will be sent electronically when payment is made via Venmo or Paypal, you can view them for the entire month.
$160 for the entire 10 series (For those who have taken this course before who can get $50 for other qigong programs when retaken this one)

$27 purchasing a session
$22 per session when purchasing three or sessions
$220 when purchasing the entire series on a flash drive (flash drive is included). Please contact Lorelei Chang at dancnelight@gmail.com to provide her your address.

Students' feedback

Dear Lorelei,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful video!
Your energy is so calm & lovely.  I am slowly digesting ALL you offer & will certainly watch this over & over and  practice with you in this way. After  a time I will inquire about another video offering & have a chance to look into your newsletter as well. 

AHHH thanks so much for this additional information. I love that you add the calligraphy and explain it!!

Thank you so much for the healing session. It really did make a difference and also reaffirm some health care that I had forgotten to rely upon…very helpful and enlightening!

I practiced the lower back class this morning and there is SO much good information in there.I love the starting meditation with the light, and releasing the dark smoke. SO good!

Dear Lorelei
Today’s practice was amazing!
I have recently been diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome
It mostly affects my eyes now - they are very dry and I’ve been working to make them better for six months with a terrific ophthalmologist 
However the thing I am very scared about is that I could lose my salivary glands ??
When I did the practice this morning my saliva glands were working well indeed !!

I loved this morning's class.  It was so gentle and flowing.  Sometimes when there is a lot a body waves, I over do it and then have a sore back.  Today was just perfect.  I also really enjoyed last week's class on the hands.  This is a particularly good session for me.  Thank you.
You have had a large role in helping me move to a much better place mentally.  Acceptance is such a large part of feeling better.  Knowing that I am learning and growing is calming.  You have been such an example and mentor, thank you.

Sending hugs,

Photo by Jeff Holcombe