Sun & Earth Qigong

Sun & Earth Qigong
Sun and Earth Qigong
(This class currently is not available)

Lorelei studied the "Sun and Earth Qigong" from her beloved teacher, the Qigong Master, Ken Cohen. In this workshop, Lorelei will be teaching you this simple and beautiful form to connect with cosmic and earth energy. She will be leading you with a fun "Qi flows" warm up accompanied by the sound of ocean waves. You will have an opportunity to explore some fun Qi tricks as well as the exercises to help release all the unnecessary energy burdens to the ocean and make more "energy space" in your body for the upcoming season.

What you will learn from Sun & Earth Qigong workshop:

--Fun Qigong flow warm up--
--Dan Tian circles--
--Baihui Qi charges--
--Sound healing--
--Gathering Qi to three energy centers--
---Sun & Earth Qigong--

To register, please respond to Lorelei Chang by replying to this email. You may pay via Venmo (Lorelei Chang) or by mailing a check to Lorelei.

Photo by Jeff Holcombe