Swimming Dragon II

Swimming Dragon II
Swimming Dragon II
June 4th, 10:30-12noonET
Lorelei's backyard:) South Windsor, CT. (More details will be shared once registered)

Fee: $45 (Currently registered student. 20% off for those who have taken this workshop before)
$55 (Others)

This workshop is the continuation of the Swimming Dragon I. However, you can take this separately. 

Lorelei will briefly review the Swimming Dragon I form and additional five beautiful movements includes:

1. Dragon swims in circles left and right
2. Dragon dives deep into the vast ocean
3. Dragon gazes to the blue sky
4. Dragon traces infinity sign
5. Dragon blows out turbid qi to all directions

In addition, Lorelei will be teaching a different version of Swimming Dragon Qigong form which was brought here by Dr. Shih. 

List of a few things that Lorelei will be focusing on this workshop:

-Review the Swimming Dragon I form

-Practice how to “Swim” in depth

-Swimming dragon II form

-Breakdown instruction on how head, ribs, hips, Dan Tian, legs, feet, arms and hands move. 

-Swimming Dragon in relationship to our Spirit

-How to use this unique form to help body detox

-Music recording accompany our practice 

-PDF ebooklet on Swimming Dragon I form that Lorelei Chang translated and wrote will be shared with all who participated workshop