This class will be available soon!

Taijiquan branches out from Qigong, and millions of people on Earth practice Taijiquan to help themselves to stay healthy, it's one of the best medicines you can give to yourself. Lorelei will be teaching a 24 Yang Style Taijiquan and 56 Chen Style Taijiquan., begins from very simple of standing like tree stance to more complex of Dan Tian circles and Chan Is (silk reeling) techniques. You will be exposures to the concepts of Yin and Yang, Xu and Shi (form and formless) and the way of Qi (Daoism and Qigong).

What you will learn in this class:

-Zhan Zhuang
-Taiji Quan Ji Beng Gong including ji ben gong for the arms and legs
-Simplified break-down Taiji steps and arms movements
-Yang style Taiji Quan (Break down exercises and the entire form)
-Chen Style Taiji Quan( break-down exercises)
-Chinese culture
-Chinese & English names for all the movements

$15 per 60 minutes session (Special rate for the currently registered students)
$25 per 60 minutes session (Rate for others)