Summer Qi Charge

Summer Qi Charge
Summer Qi Charge recoding classes

Awaken your Yang Qi every Monday morning with a gentle, yet powerful Qigong workout to get yourself ready for an abundant Qi week. This is the first summer morning Qigong program ever offered by Lorelei Chang. She combines both Yin and Yang aspects of Qigong movements, focusing on opening the meridian channels, strengthening our immune system, calming the heart/shen and reducing stresses to increase our vitality with a variety of Qigong forms and meditations. All classes will be recorded and shared on a private YouTube link to support students' daily practice.

$146 for the entire 10 sessions (for the current registered students)

$164 for the entire 10 sessions (Others)

$20 Single clas

All the video links will be sent to your inbox once your payment is received. You have three months to view all the classes at your own pace. Lorelei will provide Q & A via emails.